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Tales from Vair's Loom  by Fiondil 12 Review(s)
ParmalokwenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/29/2009
Given what happened to elves who wandered away from Cuivinen, I can well believe that Elw's disappearance must have terrified his family and friends. The Noldor who returned to Beleriand must have been quite surprised to see that he was not only alive, but prospering.

Author Reply: Yes, Parmalokwen, I agree and of course so many of the Teleri refused to leave Beleriand until they had learned of Elw's fate. I think the Noldor were surprised that anyone was still alive and prospering and with a high civilization of their own. That was probably the last thing any of them expected.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/22/2009
That was a bit sad, seeing Ingwës and Finwës joy and excitement at the news, and how they looked forward to see Elwë again, and knowing the disappointment they will have to face. And the reunion they are hoping for will not happen any time soon, either ... *sigh*

Anyway, I have to agree with your AN. It seems unlikely that the Elves already in Aman didnt try to meet with the newly arrived ones on Tol Eressëa for so long. If they were complete strangers, then maybe but they *knew* them, had to expect Elwë and his siblings among them, so why should they act so disinterested?

Author Reply: Hi, Kitty. Yes, a sad and very poignant tale. Unfortunately, not all stories can end happily, though, at least Ingw and Finw put aside their grief over Elw to make Olw and his people welcome. I'm glad you agree with my reasoning for writing this story. It seems that others felt the same way and I was relieved to know that I'm not the only one who has always been dissatisfied with that part of the Silmarillion.

SitaraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/20/2009
You know, I've always supported Manwe's decision to bring the Quendi to live with them and I'll always believe that the Elves were meant to live in Valinor, for a quite simple reason: Men are not creatures capable to share their vital space (to name it so, albeit with my English.."shakes head") with another race, more gifted and intelligent than their own, at least not until the Remaking.

But now I'm beginning to think that it wasn't the right moment for the Elves to be brought in Aman yet. As far as I know, one of HoME's books states somewhere that Eru chastises Manwe for bringing the Elves to Valinor. I completely disagree with Ingwe's decision to leave Tirion and dwell on Taniquetil, because, unless he was called High King of the Elves only in the official papers, he had also some responsibilities towards other Elves than the Vanyar! But Ingwe decided to move "at Manwe's feet" and in canon, the Vanyar have all but fallen off the map. should it be named Ingwe's performance, I wonder?

Also, I strongly disagree as well with Elwe's motivation to leave his people. I'll refrain from harsher statements for now, and I would say only that Elwe did keep something in his heart after his first visit in Aman, along with Finwe and Ingwe. Love for the Light of the Two Trees and as much as Melian's eyes were reflecting this Light, apparently wasn't enough. At this point, I understand him and his later actions.

My respect for Ulmo grows as I'm learning more and more things from HoME. I'm glad your stories are acknowledging him such as he deserves.

As for reunion of Finwe, Elwe and would say that's going to happen only at the End and with reason enough. for myself, I wouldn't wager all my money on this. Why not? Well, trust Miriel to change her mind...again. "doubling over in hysterics".

Author Reply: Since the Silmarillion is from the point of view of the Noldor and specifically, the Exilic Noldor, it's not surprising that the Vanyar sort of 'fall off the map' as you put it. One thing I have a problem with is just what were the Vanyar, especially Ingw, doing when the Noldor decide to revolt. It is something I hope to explore in my Darkening story that will someday be posted.

Elw did not purposely leave his people, so I'm not sure what your objections towards him are. He was simply wandering through the woods when he encountered Melian and was ensnared by her. I'm sure at the time his one thought was continuing the journey to the coast and crossing over to Valinor, but obviously that didn't happen and since Ulmo was not going to dislodge Tol Eressa to ferry Elw and his people over the Sea, they were stuck in Beleriand, whether they liked it or not.

I'm sure that eventually they will all be reunited. Certainly Ingw and Olw will reunite with Elw once he's reborn. Finw will have to wait a bit longer. *grin* I don't think the Valar will put up with Mriel changing her mind again and no doubt Eru will have the final say, anyway. *grin*

njomoReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
Hi Fiondil,

This is quite a wonderful tale of the first years the Elves spent in Tirion. You articulate what I always unconsciously assumed-that the Quendi did not build in stone until after they reached Valinor. It makes sense to me that this skill, and others I'm sure, were taught to them by the Valar and Maiar. I can't remember at the moment what, if anything, Tolkien said on the subject-maybe it's something he just implied. Well, that's a good research project for me!

Bittersweet and sad, yes but that means you wrote the story well! And I found Ingw and Finw's anticipation of their meeting with Olw very endearing. And Finw's reaction when Ingw tells him he wants to move closer to the Valar just about breaks my heart. One can imagine how bleak Finw must feel.

Luckily none of the three know how long it will be before all four will be reunited nor what events will take place in the meantime. I think that's what seems most sad to me-not the length of time but all the pain and sorrow they will experience in between.

The "parting of the waters" made me smile (yes, I was thinking of that more famous event *grin*) but hey-when one has a Valar around, one should take advantage!

Thanks Fiondil.


Author Reply: Thanks, Joanne. I'm glad this tale was to your liking however bittersweet and sad. I imagine that Finw must have felt rather bleak with Ingw leaving and his friend Elw not there. And of course all the pain and sorrow that will follow before they are reunited with Elw makes everything even more bleak for the reader.

As for the 'parting of the waters'... I just couldn't resist. *grin*

Thanks for you review, Joanne. I really appreciate it.

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
I was just tooks them to meeto Earendil to know what happened to him, a lot of years...or second thought, the reborns could have tell them, but then, the reborns stated to appers after Earendil or before.. it is so confusing...
Now, these are the silliest thoughts ever, I know that elves can choose when to have a child, but do they consider overpopulation when they plan their kids, do you imagine, living with or knowing your great-great-great-great grandfather and he looks just like you...wierd and where to live? when you will be the master of your no mind me, I'm bored...

Author Reply: Hi, Fantasia. I had to re-read your review several times to understand what you meant to say. I think you mean that it took until Erendil came to Valnior before Ingw and Olw (Finw was already dead by this time) learned of Elw's fate. Is that what you were trying to say? As for the Reborn, in my stories I have them appearing after the War of Wrath, but those returning from the war could certainly have told Ingw and Olw about Elw.

I'm sure that the Elves planned for overpopulation. Being essentially immortal, they probably did not produce as many children as humans do, plus there would be long years, even centuries between children.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
What a delightful and insightful look at the building of Tirion and the working in stone with big buildings for the first time. Also the sorrow at the parting of the freidns both from Elwe and soon to be between the Vanyar and the Noldor was sad.

I liked the explanation of how Tol Eressea was named (leave it to the Noldor to name everything) and the description of the Teleri waiting there until they learned to build ships of their own.

Very fun and well done as always :-)

Author Reply: Thanks, Ellie. I'm glad you found this to be delightful and insightful even though it is also sad. I enjoyed writing this little gapfiller. I was always dissatisfied with how the Silmarillion treated this and felt it needed some... er... correction. *grin* Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it as I know you have little time for such things with the baby and all.

ThalaneeReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
As sad as it was to see the poor elves so dejected at Elwes absence, it was a delightful chapter nonetheless (and of course we know why Elwe stayed ;-) )

*"We ought to change their name to Teleri," Finw quipped as they made their way to the shore. "They have taken their time getting here, after all."
Ingw laughed. "Elw wont be amused, but I think its an apt name for these laggards." * *sniggers*
that was one of the funniest parts of this story!

I always wondered about the part in the Silmarilion where it was said that teh Teleri and the Noldor didnt meet until the Teleri settled in Aman: given how close they were it really is highly unlikely.

More please!
greetings, Thalanee

Author Reply: Hi, Thalanee. Thank you so much. I'm glad you found this story delightful in spite of its sad themes. I am sure that the Teleri were not the ones to give themselves that name. *grin* It sounds like something that the Noldor would come up with. In Helge's Quenya Wordlist, the name is actually glossed 'sea-elf' but that is certainly a later interpretation of the name. The one given in the notes is the original meaning according to Tolkien.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who found that part of the Silmarillion odd and unlikely. It just never made sense to me so when the idea to write this story came to me it was fun coming up with just how they managed to get across to the island without constructing or being provided with ships and it's unlikely any of them knew how to swim.

TariReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
I love your interpretaion of the founding of Tol Eressa. However, knowing what is to come makes it a bitter sweet reunion.

I think the sadness on the faces of the Maiar is do to the fact that they know something about what will happen in the future.

Author Reply: Thanks, Tari. I'm glad you liked this interpretation. Yes, it is indeed a bittersweet reunion and I think the Maiar were already aware that Elw was not going to be coming and that is why they were sad in the face of Finw and Elw's expectations to the contrary.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
Finally, meldonya! Took your Muse long enough! *teasing grin*

I'm just kidding. I know you said twice a month. and so I'm happy. I'm also happy the Teleri finally made it!

Love the AU "Moses element" as I shall call it. Of course you know what I mean. *grins* That was brilliant work, meldonya. I hadn't remembered that they didn't greet the Teleri right first guess would have been taking a ship, but then the Teleri were the eventual shipbuilders and, of course, there hasn't been time yet, so that's out.

Alas for Elwe, Elmo and Olwen! But eventually, Olwe will see his younger siblings again. And *eventually*, at the Remaking, Finwe will's just a very, very long time to wait.

And of course their tarrying in Beleriand is not without purpose, for without it there would have been no Luthien, no Galadhon (and therefore no Celeborn and Galathil, therefore no Nimloth) no Dior, and, well, you know. And we know why Olwen's important. *nods*

Lovely, meldonya! Eagerly awaiting next month's tales.



Author Reply: Hi, Kaylee. The 'Moses element' *lol* I guess that's what it is, but it was the only really logical means of letting the elves get to the island without ships and as there is no moon at this time to make tides, the Maiar have to do it themselves. *grin*

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Hopefully I'll have another story up in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

Mr.NamoReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/19/2009
Wow. Thats a bit depressing when you think about it. They wont be together till the fourth age or even longer.

Great story though. I always thought it was a bit heartless when no one came to meet Olwe and the Teleri till years later.

BTW, Is Finwe one of the elves stuck in mandos forever or is that just Feanor and company?

Author Reply: It is said in the discussion of Finw and Mriel in "Laws and Customs of the Eldar" that when Finw died, he agreed to remain in Mandos for all the ages of Arda while Mriel was re-embodied, though she retired to the House of Vair rather than rejoining the Elves in Eldamar (see Morgoth's Ring, HoME X).

Glad you liked the story, even though it really doesn't have a happy ending. And I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel that it was heartless of no one to go and meet Olw and the Teleri when they arrived. That never really made sense to me.

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