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Tales from Vairė's Loom  by Fiondil 9 Review(s)
KittyReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/7/2010
Very fitting chapter title. I love how this little plant, even if it's more a weed than a flower, gives them all hope that after the destruction new growth can come, that things will get better. They needed to go into Mordor to see it, no doubt. Very fitting for Easter.

And now I'm all caught up, yay!

Author Reply: Thanks, Kitty. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. I'm sure the elves, especially those who would soon be sailing West, needed such a sign of hope to ensure themselves that their struggles had not be entirely in vain and that they were leaving Middle-earth in good hands.

TariReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/6/2010
Yes, there is always hope, no matter how small it may be, just as new life always grows out of the desolation. That is how the world works.

Author Reply: And thank Eru that it is so, Tari. Glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for reviewing.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/5/2010
This is a beautiful story full of the hope and the promise of new life and yet full of sorrowful memories of all that had to happen to achieve this new world and new life for all in Middle-earth. The little flowers are wonderful and so elfy in their symbolism. it is good to see the elves behaving like the creatures of nature which they are instead of having to be the warriors of wrath which they had to be for so long. Nicely done!

Author Reply: Hi, Ellie. Yes, it is indeed good to see the elves as stewards of nature instead of warriors and those who will be sailing will do so with a lighter heart, I think, knowing that even out of the worst destruction, life will flourish. Thanks for your comments. I greatly appreciate them.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/4/2010
Perfect for the season!

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner. Happy Easter!

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/4/2010
Addendum: I saw a number of those little earthbound suns today, and one enterprising kid picking them :-)
As for Gimli, I think he would do his grumping until all the elves' backs were turned, then pour too much water on the poor weed ;-)

Author Reply: You're probably right. *LOL*

6336Reviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/4/2010
Hope renewed, indeed!
One of your best.
Happy Easter,

Author Reply: Thank you, Lynda. I'm glad you liked this one. Happy Easter!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/4/2010
Ah, the hope of resurrection indeed! A very appropriate tale for Easter Sunday. I found this tale beautiful; yes, even in the midst of desolation, hope has sprung up anew. Even the most detested of life forms is still life, and all Life springs from the will of Iluvatar and the Flame Imperishable, even in Arda Marred.

Such a lovely picture; the Elves gathered around one small bloom, seeing it well tended, and then noticing many, many won't be long before even the Black Land is brought back to life and beauty, now that the evil has fled, I trust.

I also wanted to comment on the scene in the inn, where the warriors were wolfing their food and the others ate more sedately...I admit to thinking Are those guards Hobbits or elves? *lol* And of course, Aragorn's smallest Guardsman did show up. I adore Pippin!

Galadriel did have Finrod there, and Elrond had Gil-galad, and Cirdan...Legolas had Thranduil, and indeed Oropher...each by bearing witness to this most momentous of events. I only wish I could have found out what Sam thought of flowers growing there at last!

My goodness, this has turned into a long review, and not at all my usual caliber either. I don't sound nearly as bouncy as usual, though I am still coherent even at seven in the morning! *is amused* I'm taking a leaf out of Rhyselle and Edlyn's books and writing you a review nearly as long as the chapter, Atar Fiondil!

All in all, a lovely portrait of resurrection, peace, healing and renewal, and a beautiful Easter offering!

I wish you a blessed and beautiful Easter Sunday, Atar Fiondil! *hugs*



Author Reply: Hello, Kaylee. Happy Easter! And thank you for a lovely review. Perhaps its style being more sedate and less bouncy just means you're growing up a bit more. *wink* Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this story and got so much from it. Thanks for reading and reviewing. *hugs*

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/4/2010
it seemed the little weed took heart and grew an inch or two, or perhaps it merely stood a little straighter, buoyed up by the power of the Elves’ singing.

A beautiful story of renewal. :)

Author Reply: Thank you, Shirebound. I am glad you enjoyed this tale and I appreciate you letting me know.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/4/2010
This fic was so very appropriate for the season! Over the easter the snow has gone from "a few bare patches" to "mostly bare", and I expect to start seeing coltsfoot flowers any day now. And the pollen season is definitely here - which means winter is definitely gone!
This was definitely an "Elves only" sort of expedition, though I expect many will be pleased to hear about what they found. And speaking of "Elves only", for some reason I kept seeing Gimli there among the Elves, grumping about how the elvish tree-hugging now extended to every other green, weedy thing ;-)

Author Reply: Thanks, Sunny. I'm glad you found this an appropriate story for the season. We're so used to Gimli and Legolas together that it's hard to leave him out, but I think he was wise not to insist on going. This was definitely an elvish affair.

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