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Tales from VairŽ's Loom  by Fiondil 10 Review(s)
6336Reviewed Chapter: 19 on 2/23/2011
Just been rereading Blue Wizards Dilemma and Lament for a Dying Son and wondered if Zamin and Zimrathor made it back to Umbar and claimed Gimilzagar's lands and title or if Zimrathor is a common name in Umbar.
What a waste, if the Blue Wizards had been able to complete their work how differant things would have been.
You are right, life is filled with what ifs and if onlies, leaving us to muddle through as best we may.

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. That's an interesting question. Perhaps they did and "Lament" deals with their descendents, but it's likely that ZimrathŰr is a common enough name in Umbar the way John or Daniel are common names in the States. The real tragedy of it all is that Gondor only held Umbar for another generation and then lost it. A waste indeed. But that is how history goes, much to the sorrow of many. Thanks for re-reading and commenting again. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 19 on 8/6/2010
Have to agree with Thranduil here Ė the cut off head of an Orc isn't exactly the stuff you'd keep *shakes head*

While I felt so sorry for Thranduil who had every reason to fear for his son's life, I was grinning about Thranduil's mental rant about Elrond sending Legolas on that hopeless Quest. Of course, for me it's so reassuring to know Legolas will return, after helping to destroy Sauron. So in the end Thranduil could be terribly proud of his son, even if he doesn't know it yet. And I thought it sweet that he took the stuffed toy with him, opinions be damned.

Author Reply: Yeah. The reader has an advantage over Thranduil here, since we know how it all ends and that Legolas survives this "suicide mission" as his adar probably thought of it. I'm sure, in spite of everything, Thranduil was always proud of his son. I'm glad you thought him taking the stuffed toy with him sweet. At that moment Thranduil was more adar than aran, and, as you say, opinions be damned.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Kitty. I really appreciate it.

TariReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/30/2010
I always wondered how King Thranduil felt about his son going on the quest. I'm sure your depiction explains it quite well. It must have been quite devasting to think he might not see his beloved son on Middle-earth again.

Author Reply: Hi Tari. I suspect that when Legolas finally made it home he got quite an earful from Ada about not coming straight home. *grin* Thanks for reading and reviewing.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/30/2010
This is one of my favorite little stories you have written. You have captured Thranduil's feelings so very well as he goes through the stages of grief over his son not returning yet. I was left with a strong feeling at the end of the tale. I really like your Thranduil here!

Author Reply: Thanks, Ellie. I am glad you like how I did Thranduil here. He's not an easy Elf to get one's mind around but he's a fun challenge and I enjoy writing him on occasion. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/28/2010

Aw, Thranduil - you temperamental elf, you're such a softie! :3

Loved it, especially since Legolas IS coming back. :) I am curious however about Legolas's siblings - I know you mentioned in previous works that he has some, will there ever be more of them?

Great job, enjoyed it. :)

Have an awesome summer,


Author Reply: Hi MP. I'm glad you liked this story. Thanks for letting me know. As for Legolas' siblings, I really don't know. One has died and is presently in Mandos but as for the rest, I have no clue as to how many and who they are. Perhaps someday Legolas will tell me about them. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/28/2010
At least he has sufficient humility to pray. Love that he holds on to the toy.

Author Reply: Indeed, Larner. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me know.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/28/2010
_We_ know that Legolas is going to survive his adventure, but it is quite another thing for Thranduil, who does not know if he is going to see his son again.

Though when Legolas returns - afflicted by the Sea-longing as he will be - Thranduil will have to face the fact that Legolas isn't going to remain.

And speaking of return - do you think your muse is going to tell about Thranduil getting introduced to his son's new best friend? I am sure that such a story would be full of both high drama and low comedy. Though given Thranduil's temper, perhaps the muse decides to be cautious and stay away... :-D

Author Reply: I have no idea if I will ever write the story of Legolas bringing Gimli home to meet his adar. Perhaps someday I will. You just never know with the Muse. *grin* Thanks for reviewing, Sunny. I appreciate it.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/28/2010
Awwww *sniffle* This was so bittersweet. And I thought you got Thranduil spot on in personality; especially his attitude towards Elrond.

Ah, the stuff toy shows up in yet another story. How appropriately name it is, and I loved the wonderful mental image of the King of Mirkwood striding along the halls of his stronghold with a little fuzzy toy tucked in the crook of his elbow.

An excellent addition to the Tales, my friend. :) Well done!

Author Reply: Hi Rhyselle. I'm glad you think I got Thranduil's personality correct. He's not the easiest Elf to write about. *grin* Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed this. I am very grateful for you taking the time to leave a review.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/28/2010
Atar Fiondil! *hugs*

I love this story! Of course, you know that my good friend Emma and I write Thranduil together, although we make him a bit younger than you do here, as our Thranduil was born post-Doriath. But our Thranduil would have reacted just the same way to this situation...indeed is reacting that way, as Kelly, another friend, and I are finding on exploring exactly this. You're on the same wavelength as us here and I love it!

I feel *so* sorry for Thranduil! He will feel so much better when Legolas is finally home! Although...I wonder if Thranduil would risk the trip to Imladris to ream out Elrond himself, LOL.

Loved the bit with him and his Little Leaf's stuffed toy!



Author Reply: Hi Kaylee. I'm not sure Thranduil would risk the trip to Imladris given the situation, although I imagine he spent many a happy hour fantasizing about what he would say (and do) to Elrond if he ever got his hands on him. *LOL*

I'm glad you enjoyed this little vignette, Kaylee. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/28/2010
Aw! One does feel sorry for Thranduil, all his losses, well most of them, can be laid at the Noldor's feet, so being a little pissed with Elrond is understandable.
I am a little surprised that Legolas did not write to his Adar himself, maybe he was not sure what to say, 'Dear Adar, Have gone to help Frodo drop the one ring in Mount Doom, be back soon. Love Legolas ' doesn't quite fit the bill!
He does love his little leaf, a lot, and it shows!
Hey, if a King wants to wander around with a stuffed toy under his arm, heck if anybody wants to, it's his buisness, it only makes him Elven!

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. I imagine Legolas spent several sleepless nights trying to write that missive and simply gave up. No matter what he wrote it would still sound lame. *grin*

Glad you liked this one. Thanks for reviewing and letting me know.

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