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Tales from Vairë's Loom  by Fiondil 10 Review(s)
KittyReviewed Chapter: 21 on 12/26/2011
While it's true that the Valar's help in the War of Wrath in the end not only won the war, but destroyed Beleriand, I believe in this case the more indirect help was not only acceptable, but very important. And I always thought the timely wind was no coincidence – now I know for sure :)

Poor Námo, I don't envy him for having to deal with this influx of people who just died. And even less for having to deal with Denethor.

Author Reply: I've always thought that more was going on than Tolkien let on and when I read the book mentioned in the Note, especially about this particular scene, I was happy enough to write about this scene from the pov of the Valar.

And Námo is used to dealing with influxes of souls but I'm sure he was not looking forward to dealing with someone like Denethor.

Thanks for commenting, Kitty. I appreciate it very much.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/27/2010
Reading the reviews for this particular story and got to wondering who consoles Nienna? She is running around helping everybody else, who, other than Atar of course, consoles her?
Marvelous what pain meds, even Tylenol will do for you!

Author Reply: I imagine that Namo and Irmo console her as siblings should, and when that doesn't work, she probably goes to Vaire and Este. An interesting question, though, Lynda, and possibly a plot bunny in the making. *grin*

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 9/1/2010

Love this Fiondil!! So well done and a wonderful take on how the Valar came to the decision, w/Eru's permission of course, to help swing the odds in favour of the Forces of Light. What tipped this over from loving it to adoring it though?

You used my favourite Contemporary Christmas Song. Love Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven and have put it on many Christmas Mixed tapes back in the day and now Christmas Mixed CD's. I was going to use it for my performance in Collage way back when during the Christmas Talent Show, but then got nailed by Laringitis Nazguls and had to pull out. Since I know the song soooo well, imagining it as sung by the Valar had chills racing down my spine. You could not have chosen a better song to use for this story.

Very Well Done!! :o)

Author Reply: Hello Tigger. Your favorite contemporary Christmas song? Well, I'm very happy to hear that. *grin* I've never heard Amy Grant sing it; I've only heard it sung in our church on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, which is always dedicated to Mary. One of our parishoners always sings it solo and every time I hear her sing it, it brings tears to my eyes. When I came up with the idea for this story, that was the song that came to mind.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it very much.

TariReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/31/2010
Excellent once again. I would love to see what happens when Denethor and all when they arrive in Mandos. (Especially Denethor) This is definetly food for another story.

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked this. While it would be interesting to see what happens when certain people show up in Mandos, I have enough on my plate that I doubt I will write anything about it anytime soon, but perhaps later. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/27/2010
Oh, Fiondil, this is exquisitely beautiful. I could almost hear Manwe singing, and my heart grieved for the fear arriving in Mandos when I read Namo's thoughts on the consequences of the battles that were taking place. I love the idea of Theodred being allowed to meet his father, and in regards to Denethor, I feel so bad for him, but I want to shake him, too, for having given up so close to the time that things turned around.

An excellent addition to the Tales, and now one of my favorites.

Well done!

Author Reply: Hi, Rhyselle. I'm so glad you enjoyed this and that it is now one of your favorites. It's one of mine as well. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/27/2010
There are many powers and Powers all battling that particular day. Good to see them addressing the Song Itself!

Author Reply: Very true, Larner, and we see just how the Powers join in the battle. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed this.

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/27/2010
What a beautiful picture, all the Valars together, singing a song of power to help Middle Earth in one of his final battles.

I only disagree with Denethor portrait; I respect him, even after Faramir's attempt. He is only human after all, overcome by a very powerful mind after years and years of fighting for the White City against Mordor, in a way that none the previous Stewards had done, with literally no help and losing all his family. I think that he was a very capable leader and Aragorn owes him his Kingdom survival.

It is only my opinion Fiondil you tale is beautiful as ever....

Author Reply: That's all right, Fantasia. Everyone has their own opinion about Denethor. He is not an easy character to pin down. This is really Námo's opinion of him and not necessarily mine. My characters do have minds and opinions of their own that don't always coincide with mine. *grin*

Anyway, I'm glad you found this to be a beautiful tale. Thanks for letting me know. I much appreciate it.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/27/2010
Ah, I would have been surprised to hear that the Valar had not had a finger in that particular pie. A bit 'a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon and there is a tornado in Omaha', Manwe wafting the feather and singing the Breath of Arda into action.
No, I don't think Namo would have been too happy to have to deal with Denethor, nasty man, if he had had a bit more strength of will he could have done so much more for his people and Gondolin, his father did not help in favouring Throngil though!
I am glad Namo is going to have Nienna and her people with him today, he may be in need of some consolation himself.

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. Well, you can see from the quote from "Following Gandalf" why I was inspired to write this as I did. I thought the image of the feather particularly apt.

Denethor will eventually be healed of his torment. Much of it can be blamed on Sauron taking advantage of Denethor's flaws.

I suspect that Nienna will have her hands full offering everyone -- Mortal, Maia and Vala -- consolation before the day is done.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Lynda. I greatly appreciate it.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/27/2010
A nitpick: " "And look!" Ulmo pointed. "The Heir of Isildur will not reach the city in time to lift the siege, for with my former servant’s black clouds deadening the air, there is no hope of any wind to billow the sails of Elessar’s fleet and hurry them on their way." "
Sauron wasn't of Ulmo's people, so that should be Aulë's or Melkor's former sevant. Alternatively, you could have Aulë speak this line.

Things always look cheerier in sunlight than in dark and gloomy weather, so this would have been a nice bit of psychological warfare on the Valar's part.

Author Reply: Eek! Thanks for the oopsie-alert, Sunny. Not sure how I got the two mixed up. By the way, you could just send me a PM letting me know of any gaffes for me to fix. Less embarrassing that way. *grin*

And the psychological aspects of warfare are as important, if not more so, than the physical actions involved. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/27/2010
Atar Fiondil,

Wow. I haven't had my copy of LotR on me in over a year (lent it to a friend in Southern California and she hasn't given it back yet) so I didn't remember this passage word for word, but I remembered the scene it depicted as I read it. Once I read the whole story, I could see the struggle going on. Wise of Manwe to fight in his realm, on his terms; Arda may be Morgoth's Ring and something Sauron could try to claim dominion over, but the airs are yet under Manwe's lordship.

Well done, beautifully crafted! I loved it from start to finish, though I felt very sorry for Namo's workload increasing, and for Nienna. I thought of Denethor, sitting in that chair with the ring of fire surrounding him in the dark chamber...something your Faramir in Mandos story planted in my mind. It had to have happened that way, didn't it. *grin* At least it's the only way for me to see it now.




Author Reply: Hi Kaylee. I'm glad you enjoyed this. It was fun to approach this scene from an different perspective, showing that more was going on than the people involved in the war suspected. And I'm sure Námo and his People are more than capable of handling the workload. It is, after all, their job. *grin* Thanks for reading and reviewing. I greatly appreciate it.

Atar Fiondil

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