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Tales from VairŽ's Loom  by Fiondil 12 Review(s)
obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 42 on 6/24/2012
This is a heartwarming tale. The last line from Glorfindel made me teary-eyed. It is such a fitting thing to do. I liked the symbolism of Thranduil climbing the stairs out of deep despair to light and hope.

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed this, obsidianj, especially the symbolism and the last line from Glorfindel. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/17/2012
This had my eyes misting up, I must say. Grief affects us all, but cannot unman us if we are to truly honor those we have loved. And I so love that Aragorn, too, was honored in the grotto.

Author Reply: Hi Larner. I'm glad you enjoyed this, especially Aragorn being honored as well. He may not have been an Elf, but he was part of the family, so to speak. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it very much.

Erulisse (one L)Reviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/17/2012
I loved this on Teitho and love it again here. If I had to drop down a placement, it was to the better tale. Well done, my friend.

- Erulisse (one L)

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed this tale, Erulisse. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
Fair greetings!

First off, I hope you are recovering awesomely! Secondly, I have to say this is probably one of my favorite one-shots from you. The reason why is because of the focus on Glorfindel's relationship with Estel. You can always assume they are close but with that silly Balrog-slayer and how he can be guarded about who he loves, it is always sweet to have suspicions confirmed. :3

The ending was brilliant. I have to admit that I was slightly sad that Thranduil and Celeborn seemed to totally blank Estel while discussing Legolas and Arwen and then again when the candles were lit. When Glorfindel had Celeborn light one for him for Arwen, and he hung back later on to light one for Aragorn, I was smiling at what he did and wanted someone to give him a hug when I read the ending sentences.

Reading this and Elf Academy - I am seriously psyched and hoping that you will do a story of Elves and Humans reuniting at the world's end. ESPECIALLY with Glorfindel and Estel. :) And Turin and Beleg. ;)

It would also be awesome to see Glorfindel explain to his friends and family in Aman how he had a "son" while away. Haha! ;D

Was happy to see an update for this collection and enjoyed pausing Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth) to read it. :)

Hope all is well and that you continue getting better!



Author Reply: Hi MP. I'm glad you liked this, especially the focus on Glorfindel's relationship with Estel and the way I ended the story. Thranduil, of course, hardly knew Aragorn and Celeborn would've been more focused on Arwen anyway, being she was his granddaughter, so it was left to Glorfindel to remember Estel.

Anyway, recovery is slow but steady and the doctor's seem pleased at the rate of progress. I'm getting just bored enough that I'm beginning to champ at the bit, trying to find things to occupy myself, whereas, last week, I was too busy sleeping to care.

Thanks for your good wishes and thanks for your review. Both are greatly appreciated.

Laikwal‚ssÍReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
the only word for me that comes to mind is: wonderful! Trust our Glorfindel to find the right words to provoke Thranduil. LOL! The self-pity does not really fit Thranduil. The many lit candles in honour of Legolas made me swallow. Again,just a perfect little story! THank you so much for creating it. Lai

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed this, Lai. No, self-pity really doesn't fit Thranduil. Luckily Glorfindel and Celeborn knew just what to say to bring him out of it. Thanks for leaving a comment. I greatly appreciate it.

TariReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
Well done once again. The last sentence brought tears to my eyes. It appears Thranduil never realized how much his son was really loved.

This could have turned into a great story.

Author Reply: Hi Tari. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Not sure what you mean by your last sentence, unless you mean this would have made a good multichapter story. Perhaps, but I think it works well as is. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
That's our Thranduil, never does anything by half!

I can understand why though, when he came back from the Last Alliance he still had Legolas, plus how ever many of his other children where still in Ennor, now Legolas is gone and he was presumably the last member of his immdiate family still around. Now, even though he has been expecting it, it has finally happened and his last child has gone and he is all alone, but he is not ready to Sail, having the Silven Elves distrust of the Valar. (Yes, I know he is not Silven, having come from Doriath, but I would say he is more Silven than anything else at this point!)

Thranduil will not Sail until the last of his people make their descision on wether to go or not, no matter how heart sick he is, you think Gimli is stubborn, just watch Thranduil dig his toes in!

Poor Glorfi, I don't know how close he was to the other heirs of Isildur who were raised in Imladris but Estel was special, being little more than a baby when he came. I doubt if Glorfi will ever marry, well this version of him any way, so he only has this fleeting chance at fatherhood and now his Estel is gone and he won't see him again until the Remaking.

Oh, well enough deep thoughts for a wednesday morning. How are you doing, Dr's still happy with your progress I hope, still taking lots of naps and staying out of trouble, yes, boring, I know, but much better for you?!

Still thinking about you,

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. I'm doing well enough and the doctors seem pleased with my progress so far. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. It was fun to write about these three particular Elf-Lords together, each in pain, but for different, if similar, reasons, each handling (or not) their pain as best they can. Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate it very much.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
Getting his temper up was clearly the right way of curing Thranduil of his desire to fade!
All three are clearly in pain now, from the loss of their loved ones - but Glorfindel sees to it that Aragorn is also included in the memorial.
I definitely needed some Kleenex at the end of the story. Wonderfully written!

Author Reply: Obviously Celeborn and Glorfindel know just which buttons to push with Thranduil. *grin* Glad you enjoyed this story, Sunny. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it very much.

Lady EdlynReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
Oh, meldonya! I'm in tears as I type. They are sad-and-happy-all-together tears. You have so beautifully shown love in so many forms in this fic; the love of friends and the love of family (whether by blood or by choice). I can just see the grotto with all the candles and I want to hug all of them, even Galion, whose love for his king sent the message to Imladris. I'm sure that Thranduil will be in fine fettle in a short time if he's already snarking at Celeborn.

Glorfindel is the one who I really feel for at the end of this fic. The pain in his words as he is alone in the grotto is heartbreaking.

I think the thing I love best about your writing, meldonya, is how your wordcraft touches the reader's heart and lets us develop an emotional relationship with the characters as though they are real people. I'm sending many thanks, good wishes for your continued recovery and lots of loving friendship along with this review.



Author Reply: Hi Edlyn. Thanks for your kind words about my writing. I see these characters so clearly that to me they are very real and I'm glad I can convey that sense of reality about them in my writing. I'm glad you liked this little tale. Thanks for reading and reviewing. It's greatly appreciated.

eliza61Reviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/16/2012
Well done Fiondil,
A very loving memorial tale. Thank you

Author Reply: Hi Eliza. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it very much.

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