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A Deck of Heroes  by Larner 188 Review(s)
GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 24 on 3/15/2010
The punishment would indeed have been swift and final if Denethor had lived and been in charge. The people of Gondor have forgotten what a compassionate leader is like, but they will soon enough remember.

Author Reply: Oh, I am certain you are most likely correct as to what would have happened under Denethor. But the King Elessar is quite a different person, thank heavens! And, yes, they now will see judgment tempered with mercy as a common commodity, I suspect.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 20 on 3/15/2010
LOL! It must have taken the Gaffer a time to wrap his head around that - his Sam, Master of Bag End! Oh, the gossip down at the pub!

Author Reply: Oh, indeed! Things have changed completely, and the familiar order overturned as a second Prince of the West takes over the duties as Master of the Hill! The Gaffer's going to be popular down at the Green Dragon--no mistake there!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/15/2010
Gollum must have baffled Sauron! To still be corporeal after all these years - what nerve! But he knows an opportunity when he sees one, and doesn’t waste it.

Author Reply: Sauron knows his own business, as long as he's been at it. But Smeagol still has strengths Sauron cannot appreciate, for all he's become a ruined creature!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/15/2010
Frodo will find not joy, but yet more to fear on his path ahead. Sadly, he will not know joy again in Middle Earth. It would be interesting to see a meeting between these two after the Quest, and again in the West. I think Glorfindel will find he has underestimated Frodo greatly in his gratitude.

Author Reply: I so suspect you are right, GamgeeFest. Only in the West will Frodo find the peace of soul needed to rejoice in what the quest had gifted him with, rather than focusing on what it had scoured away.

And I thank you for these last comments on this series! It has been fascinating even for me to visit them again! Thank you so!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/15/2010
If it were possible for the Ringwraiths to exert their own will, I wonder if the Witch King might have hoped for defeat.

Author Reply: That is quite the thought, GamgeeFest. I remember one story I read at TolkienFanFiction in which an orc that had truly begun life as an Elf and barely remembered that fact refused to fight, daring Eru to prove His love. I wonder if such a thing could be remotely possible in one of the Nazgul?

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 15 on 12/28/2009
This is heartbreaking and yet so full of hope.

Author Reply: I agree, GamgeeFest. How Gandalf must have sought to see Frodo granted the peace he so needed!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 14 on 12/28/2009
What an amazing moment that must have been for them all! I'm sure Esme and Sara didn't rest well again until Merry was back home and in their arms.

Author Reply: Oh, yes--the realization their sons were safe and back in the Shire must have been such a relief. That they went first to Hobbiton must have been very difficult!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 10 on 12/28/2009
Interesting! I had never thought of it this way before, but Faramir is right. He did pronounce upon Frodo the same judgment as his father would, though he tells his father this not in assurance but defiance. He may not be Boromir, but he is still a faithful son, whether Denethor sees it or not.

Author Reply: You are so right, GamgeeFest. And I suspect the realization of the Hobbits' eventual fate must have hurt him deeply.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/28/2009
Sam spotting the star or Earendil is perhaps one of my favorite passage in the books, and it's heartening that Earendil was able to hear not only Sam's thoughts but those of his friends as well, and to bring hope when all other light has failed.

Author Reply: I think we all love that scene, GamgeeFest. I was so glad they included it in the extended version!

And Earendil had to have grown into his role as the Star of Hope over the milennia!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 5 on 12/28/2009
Our beloved Frodo--he chose his successor well.

Indeed he did! Brought up from humble beginnings, Sam proved himself to be anything but a halfwit. I love that Aragorn reflects on him in admiration, and compares the vast differences in their upbringings.

Author Reply: Oh, he did indeed, GF. Who better to serve as the Emperor. And I think Aragorn tended ever to see the strengths of those he came to love, and that he brought out the best in them!

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