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The Cusp of Victory  by Kara's Aunty 4 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/29/2010
Poor Sam! Just as torn as he was in Shelob's Lair but he will sort it out I'm sure. That hobbit is certainly resourceful and God has given him a great heart and a great mind. So glad you are updating so quickly and two chapters at time now! *runs right over to next one*

Namarie, God bless, Your berry :)

Author Reply: Hello berry,

he is resourceful, isn't he? I don't even know if he's thinking about what he's doing half the time - he's just reacting instinctively. Thank goodness his instincts are so good ...

This theme for this fic has grabbed me so much, that I just can't stop writing it. It's consumed my entire weekend, and then some! Hence the quick updated ;)

Hope you enjoy the next chapter, m'dear,

Cousin M xx

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/29/2010
Now it's off Frodo's finger, can HE manage to kick it, accidently or on purpose, over the edge? As for the Fell Beast snapping at Sam's buttons....

Oh, dear! (And it's a change to have 450 words, eh? Heh!)

Author Reply: Hello Larner,

it would be great if Frodo defied canon and managed to do what he couldn't do in the book: destroy the Ring. It's something I have given serious consideration ...

Sam's in a spot of bother too, now (just for a change). But will he manage to escape, or will he all his valiant efforts see him becoming nothing more than a tasty treat for a vugly beast?

Haha! The 'just for a change' remark was me poking a little fun at myself. Most of these chapters seem to have turned into 450 words in length, despite my best intentions to pen drabbles or multi (or fractional) drabbles ranging between 200-450 words. What can I say? It seems that the day I master a true drabble is the day Haldir proposes ...

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M ;)

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/28/2010
Your ability to think up new cliff hangers (no pun intended) is amazing. Excellent story though.

Author Reply: Hello UTfrog,

gosh, the ides for this fic are flowing so thick and fast, that it's as much as I can do to write them down before another one hits me. Poor Sam and Frodo - I'm really putting them through the mill ...

But I do love a good 'what if?', and the effect that a possible absence of Gollum in the Sammath Naur during that critical phase of the Quest intrigued me. It's also forcing Sam to be creative - though for him, it's more like just using his simple hobbit sense (of which he has plenty).

I'm so glad you're enjoying this AU, and thanks for R & R-ing,

M ;)

cookiefleckReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/28/2010
Well, the drama is unrelenting, hah! I don't think I would feel very comfortable knowing that Sauron knew my name and was shouting it at me, angrily. ;o) I usually think of the Light as containing merely "light" but, yes, I do realize it contains magical water... and the idea of a stopper and being able to use the magical water itself as a weapon is a novel interpretation. I can tell you are having fun with this one.

Author Reply: Hello cookiefleck,

I wouldn't be comfortable either, if Sauron was shouting my name ...


The Light of Eärendil in the Phial is part-Silmaril, I think, so that's why it has the effect on the Ring that it does (and, by default, the Nazgūl, as they are tied to the Ring). Plus the water in which it's captured is from Galadriel's Mirror, so it's actually packing quite a powerful punch. Almost makes you feel sorry for the Ring, eh?

Okay, maybe not ...

And you're right: I am having so much fun with this story. In fact, I've been bitten by a mad writing frenzy and just can't get the chapters out fast enough in case I lose all my ideas!

BtW, I don't think I ever thanked you properly for that lovely list of links you sent me, which was disgracefully remiss on my part. Apologies! I had a brilliant evening after work reading them. They really made my day! So thank you very much for that! And thanks also for R & R-ing, m'dear,

M ;)

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