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The Cusp of Victory  by Kara's Aunty
The Quest is minutes from completion. The West is moments from a hard-fought victory. Nothing can stop the inevitable now. Or can it? And can one devastated hobbit live with the consequences of his actions? A tale told in multiple drabbles. AU. MEFA 2010 Nominated. Rating upgraded due to violence and bloodshed.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Sauron's Road3
Chapter  2: Aftermath3
Chapter  3: Sammath Naur3
Chapter  4: Dilemma!3
Chapter  5: Insurgency4
Chapter  6: Survival3
Chapter  7: Anticipation3
Chapter  8: Retaliation2
Chapter  9: Decisions3
Chapter 10: Alternatives2
Chapter 11: Star-glass3
Chapter 12: Insult3
Chapter 13: Injury1
Chapter 14: Quandary4
Chapter 15: Doom4
Chapter 16: Flight4
Chapter 17: Deliverance5

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