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Tiny Tales  by shirebound 8 Review(s)
Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/27/2011
Just delightful, I loved this and it made me smile! If only I could have seen them!

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda. The hobbits spent so much time in Rivendell, it's fun to imagine all the things they might have done and seen together.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
Bless the lot of them as they continue to conspire to see Frodo's burdens lightened by laughter. And I'm so glad that, in spite of his dedication to the project, Pippin is unwilling to act the fool before a beauteous lady. Heh! Thanks for the smiles granted.

Author Reply: It makes me very happy to write something that brings smiles. I'm so glad you enjoyed this wee scene.

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
As I told you already this is a most charming and delicious tiny tale which brought a broad smile to my face.

Author Reply: You're so dear to comment again. I'm very happy to write anything that brings a smile or laugh to anyone. *hugs*

cookiefleckReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
What an imaginative use of the prompt! Very amusing images are now dancing in my mind!

Author Reply: Yay, I'm glad. Thank you! Hobbits make me very happy.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
I still love the image of long-suffering Merry as he allows this in the hopes of bringing a smile to Frodo's face. Such a darling story!

Author Reply: Thank you, I really appreciate you commenting again. Our dear hobbits!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
ďItís not natural for hobbit hair, and thatís a fact,Ē Sam declared.

Indeed! But if it helped to cheer up Frodo, it was worth it :-)

And did a young hobbit fall in love with the Lady Arwen?

Author Reply: It sure was worth it, and no mistake. :)

When I read this line in FOTR, I thought it would be natural to write at least a few of the hobbits as being a bit star-struck around Arwen:

"Such loveliness in living thing Frodo had never seen before nor imagined in his mind; and he was both surprised and abashed to find that he had a seat at Elrond's table among all these folk so high and fair."

6336Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
Oh, I can just see this, no, Hobbit curls are not meant to part in the middle.
I wouldn't mind seeing Pippen clomping around in Striders boots though, and no, Arwen does not need to see him!
Huggs and Scrits,

Author Reply: Hobbits need their curls to be hobbits! It's fun to imagine them clowning around for Frodo's sake.

eilujReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2011
Poor Merry! But it's just another illustration that no sacrifice is too great if it helps Frodo....

I've actually been re-reading "By Chance or Purpose" (as I probably do once every year or two, it being one of the best fanfics of all time), so I do remember Pip going all starry-eyed at the mere thought of Arwen; the clomping boots will be a sacrifice indeed. But what sacrifice will Sam have to make?

Oddly, contemplating poor Merry, I got a mental picture of Alfalfa from "The Little Rascals" -- well, his hair, anyway; Alfalfa certainly doesn't look like a hobbit. [Hated that series as a child....]

Author Reply: I hope poor Merry didn't look as comical as Alfalfa! What a fun thing to remember.

I'm always happy to hear that folks are re-reading older stories. I was so proud of "By Chance or Purpose". *beams and hugs you*

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