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Murder Most Foul  by Larner 3 Review(s)
BranwynReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/24/2011
Wendthor raises reasonable concerns about the means of detecting lies. Why use a test if it isn't reliable? I haven't read the details of the real-life case that is the inspiration for this story, but if the investigation was as inept and dishonest as this one then there were serious problems.

Author Reply: Oh, the investigation of the real case tended to begger the imagination and raise a good deal of indignation, believe me.

In the United States, it is illegal in most cases to indicate the results of lie detector tests to a sitting jury, as it is generally accepted that the results are not reliable a significant amount of the time. Many people tend to become rattled by the questioning and/or find the electrodes uncomfortable, or are just anxious by nature, and will have results that simply cannot be accurately interpreted. Many medications can affect the results. And no test is more reliable than the one who is interpreting the results. The WMPD's polygraph administrator was heavily criticized by the expert witness who testified for Jessie Miskelley, who felt that the man did a lousy job in administering the test as well as interpreting the results. He stated that Jessie only lied when he denied during the test that he'd ever used any illegal drugs, while the administrator told the detectives that Jessie was "lying his a** off." Many people have asked precisely the question you've raised here, and I can only indicate some of the justifications commonly given in the answers Wendthor has been given.

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/15/2011
I wonder why Benargil is uncomfortable with Sindarin? I think that Wendthor has the makings of a fine lord and "this cursed deputation" (they aren't really, but I suppose Enelmir sees it that way) will help him mature. Is Enelmir against justice being served or is he just unwilling to admit that he was probably wrong? Good chapter!
God Bless!


Author Reply: Why he's uncomfortable will be revealed eventually. And, yes, I suspect that when it's his time to follow his father Wendthor will make an exemplary lord for Anwar. As for Enelmir--well, he has, shall we say, issues? Heh!

Thanks so!

6336Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/15/2011
When feeling run high, a change of vebue is always a good idea.

It seems the good people of Destrier were in a hurry to put this buisness to rest, not that you can blame them, but to pervert justice on the way is not good.


Author Reply: Yes, a change of venue could well help--if the "news" hadn't spread all the way to Anwar already. And I certainly agree about the perversion of justice not being good. Now--to see things set right at last.

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