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Murder Most Foul  by Larner
Faced with a restrained plea from a woman of Anórien to send someone to investigate the trial that has left her son condemned to hang and two other youths to spend the remainder of their lives in hard labor, the new King of Gondor sends a deputation to investigate the murders of three small boys to find out just how many lives were destroyed two days before Midsummer the preceding year. Written for the Big Bang Challenge.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prelude: Evil at Day's End3
Chapter  1: A Letter to the King's Majesty6
Chapter  2: A Deputation Formed3
Chapter  3: Legal Scribe, Healer and Surgeon2
Chapter  4: Deputation Mounted2
Chapter  5: Lord Benargil's House2
Chapter  6: Revelations of the North4
Chapter  7: The Investigation Begins3
Chapter  8: The Reading Continues3
Chapter  9: And What Is Truth?3
Chapter 10: Another Journey Made5
Chapter 11: An Evening's Discussions3
Chapter 12: A Visit to Medril's Farm3
Chapter 13: “Do Not Seek to Embroider upon the Truth…”3
Chapter 14: To Know the Accused2
Chapter 15: What Everyone Knows3
Chapter 16: And Whom Might We Suspect?2
Chapter 17: When Those Sworn to Justice Fail their Purpose3
Chapter 18: On Evil Averted--or Not2
Chapter 19: Revelations in Hevensgil3
Chapter 20: To Meet Those Accused3
Chapter 21: The Lords Examine5
Chapter 22: Journey Toward Judgment2
Chapter 23: On the Way to Judgment4
Chapter 24: The Final Trials Begin1
Chapter 25: Final Judgments3
Chapter 26: Epilogue--A Package from the Shire6
Chapter 27: Author's Notes3
Chapter Author's Notes: Post Script4

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