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Murder Most Foul  by Larner 3 Review(s)
BranwynReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/24/2011
And some of the witnesses' stories unravel with amazing speed! And a witness was told to leave town during the trial and to refuse to communicate with the defense. If the evidence in the real-world case was half as effed-up as the evidence in this story then I hope that some people lost their jobs as a result.

Author Reply: One would hope that this would happen, but it didn't. The real "detective" who lifted the bodies out of the ditch did end up being demoted, but eventually was returned to his rank as detective. In the state of Arkansas one does not have to take any classes in law enforcement in order to become a police officer, and you don't have to have any training in investigation to be advanced to the status of detective. Ain't it a crock?

A few officers did end up getting fired or resigning in lieu of getting fired, but not due to their actions regarding this particular case--they were fired when a federal investigation revealed they were taking part in illegal search and seizure of vehicles they claimed were being used to transport illegal drugs north from border states or when internal examinations indicated they'd been stealing from evidence lockers or had been involved in embezzlement. The lead prosecutor used the "win" in this case to get elected as a judge, and the judge is now a state senator in Arkansas.

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/25/2011
It's very interesting that there were two different testimonies given by Garestil. It's almost ridiculous how different and improbable the testimonies are. Good chapter! I like the 'courtroom' scenes. Anyway, I have to finish getting ready for my first day of junior year! :(
God Bless!


SunnyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/23/2011
It seems that the King's representatives find new inconsistencies in how this case has been handled every time they turn around. It is just so incredibly screwed up!!

I expect that Anhildė and Lyssė are going to stick to the truth from now on (mostly, at least! :-p ) And certainly NOBODY is going to lie in court - or if they should be stupid enough to do so, they certainly know what they can expect!

Author Reply: I know. Too many botched details and so on. Do you begin to appreciate why the actual case on which this is based has fascinated so many of us for so long?

And in Aragorn's courts, lies aren't going to get anyone very far, I fear. Yes, they KNOW what to expect!

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