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Murder Most Foul  by Larner 3 Review(s)
BranwynReviewed Chapter: 19 on 11/28/2011
Well, at least they now know where the murders occured which discredits some of the testimony against the three boys. Because he is misusing a marvelous talent and feigns ignorance of his own deceit, Avrandahil strikes me as even more villainous than the characters who were engaging in outright thuggery.

Author Reply: Yes, now they know where the children actually died.

And you can guess my attitude toward the ME who carried out the actual autopsies in the real case. Frank Peretti just lied in an interview he did with an Arkansas newspaper, and I've been shaking my head over it for the past three days! The man is an expert at twisting facts to try to justify the case against the three.

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 19 on 9/1/2011
Well, that's interesting! No one mentioned that Carenthor knew Nedron's family! Avrandahil seems to be an easily persuaded man...or is there money involved? About what Aragorn should do with the youths: maybe they could be found "probationary" apprenticeships (to bad this is before "The King's Commission" otherwise they could go to Ruvemir :D).
God Bless!


Author Reply: Oh, I missed this one. In a small community people may have seen one another many times and not actually know one another; but as you have learned by now Carenthor merely found himself reacting to a scene in the marketplace by setting it down in a sketch, and Nedron's mother saw it and bought it from him, and Nedron sought to take that with him to remind him of his mother and sister once he was off "to make his fortune."

And now you know that there is indeed a more appropriate apprenticeship for Danarion and for Garestil; as for Carenthor, I suspect he'll find one, too, and perhaps even in Bavarin where Ruvemir eventually will be buried.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 19 on 9/1/2011
So the potter was threatened if he testified at the trial, since the testimony he would give would have so clearly given the lie to the "confession" that had been extracted already.

That Avrandahil seems to be an inverted Ruvemir: Ruvemir was physically distorted, but with a great and generous spirit, while Avrandahil is physically normal, but with a twisted spirit.
And Aragorn is going to be royally pissed off at Avrandahil and his actions, since the drawings he made for the trials were lies - distorted in such a way that they would inevitably give the wrong impression to the jurors. And I suspect Avrandahis is going to be rather dismayed when he encounters the healer trained by Elrond! *grins evilly*

Author Reply: Yes, several people were threatened, as you now know. In the real case, teachers from Jason's school and the administrator of the youth facility where he was held during the months between his arrest and his trial were both threatened and outright ordered out of town that they not make themselves available to Jason's lawyers.

I hadn't thought of that--that Fendril and Ruvemir were the inverse of one another, but you are certainly right. Both artistically gifted, but one misusing his gift to assist in wrongly convicting the innocent, and the other using his gift ever to show not only what was but what is beyond the mere seeming.

And it was great fun thinking on just how dismayed Avrandahil would be on actually meeting that healer! I, too, was grinning evilly!

Thanks so very much, Sunny! I'll repost the edited Postscript on Friday, and this will then be marked officially complete!

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