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Murder Most Foul  by Larner 4 Review(s)
Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 23 on 9/9/2011
Finally Fendril will be put in his place. Although he does seem to be one of those people that will not accept that anything other than what their perception of the matter is. I could see Lynessë rolling her eyes in disgust when she read his name.
Can you imagine how overwhelming it would be to have the king sitting in front of you bidding you to eat up! And for Garestil to recognize Pippin as a Hobbit, now that was cool! Garestil reminds me of Lennie from "Of Mice and Men" (I'm in the middle of reading it for my English class) but not quite as large!
God Bless!


Author Reply: Garestil's real-life counterpart is only five foot two, so neither is very tall. Both are quite sweet, actually. I really need to finish reading "Of Mice and Men," which I started once but never got far into at the time.

And, yes, Fendril will find himself standing before the King for judgment, a concept he's not contemplated until just now. And I suspect all the staff in the Citadel who'd run into the idiot on his last visit would be up in arms at the idea of a return of the fool to the Citadel!

Thanks so, Szepilona!

AzureSkyeReviewed Chapter: 23 on 9/9/2011
Ever since I first 'met' Fendril, I've really wanted him to be introduced to Glorfindel. Now....I *really* want him to meet Glorfindel! I could see that, the Man who thinks death is the ultimate evil and the only one in Middle-earth who knows exactly what death entails. Fendril is a hypocritical idiot, by his own admissions he's evil. I mean, if he says death is the worst evil there is, and the only reason Sauron should be blamed (misguided, that one) and he's willing to 'sacrifice flowers' for 'the greater good', then on his own scale he's just as bad and Sauron! Normally I'd use other names for Sauron, but after Fendril's little rant...Sauron, Sauron, Sauron...:) Wonderful chapter, and can't wait to see Fendril get his due. Aragorn's going to have his hands full with this little group.

Author Reply: Well, both Glorfindel and Gandalf could give Fendril a far better idea of just what death is really like, not that the likes of Fendril is likely to appreciate anything they could try to convey to him. And, yes, he is evil, even by his own standards, not that he recognizes this.

The trial begins in the next chapter....

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 23 on 9/9/2011
So Fendril thought Hobbits were orcs, did he? No, that would not go over well - with anyone!! But Garestil - the simple-minded one - recognized a Halfling when he saw one.
And how very like Aragorn to compare himself when he has to be kingish (good word, that!) to a performer in performance mode!
“Sometimes to cut out the weeds of evil, flowers must be sacrificed as well.” That sort of sentiments are definitely not going to go over well with Aragorn! Fendril is definitely in deep sh*t now, and I thik he is even starting to get a hint of an idea about it.

Author Reply: Fendril hasn't had a strong grasp on life outside of his own ambitions and visions of how life OUGHT to be for years, so, no, he has no idea what a real orc looks like. And he has a LOT to learn--very quickly (not that he thinks he needs to learn it!).

Children often recognize what grownups don't, and primarily because they don't have years of preconceptions and contrary experience to fight through, so, yes, Garestil recognizes a Halfling when he sees one. And I can so imagine Sam coining "kingish" to describe Aragorn when he must indeed BE the King. Garestil has been studying the performance arts, and I do believe Aragorn would realize this would be an analogy Garestil would understand.

And, yes, Fendril is only just beginning to appreciate that just perhaps his own view of the world isn't going to go over well with the new administration!

Thanks so, Sunny! No aurora here, but the stars have been beautiful in spite of the waxing moonlight.

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 23 on 9/9/2011
Shakes head....I thought Fendril was an idiot during his first visit to the capitol, but he's gotten worse! As if he could ever be one of Aragorn's councilors! Will he finally realize what a fool he is and what terrible things he and his associates have done? Or will he keep justifying those actions? And the idiot insulted the Ringbearers in front of witnesses! Laendril really put him in his place! Many thanks for another excellent chapter! :)

Author Reply: Oh, yes--between Faradir and Laendril, Fendril has indeed been put in his place. NOT a good idea to cast such accusations at Frodo and Sam in any case, not in Minas Tirith! And he's going to find himself before the King again soon, only this time there's going to be no question as to who he is or why Fendril is there. Yes, Fendril has indeed gotten further into his own illusions in the last nine years or so.

Thanks so, Teresa!

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