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Murder Most Foul  by Larner 6 Review(s)
NotACatReviewed Chapter: 26 on 5/29/2015
Outstanding again, thank you!

Author Reply: And thank you! The deaths of Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch were so terrible, but the injustice offered to their memory in the persecution of Damien Echols, Jessie Miskelley, and Jason Baldwin has to be one of the most indecent miscarriages of justice in the history of U.S. Justice.

Thank you so very much for your feedback. The case has been so dear to my heart, and I only hope that my story helps us all examine our own prejudices so that we do not allow them to color our judgments in the future. I felt I had to honor all who suffered in this case as I could, and I hope that we do not allow such travesties to reoccur indefinitely.

Again, thanks so much!

TariReviewed Chapter: 26 on 10/28/2011
I always suspected that it was a Uruk-hai that killed the childred. Too bad Denethor didn't have a chance to follow thru on his findings. It would have spared so many such unneccesay grief.

Danárion will serve Minis Tirith well.

Author Reply: Oh, I do agree about how bad it was that Denethor didn't follow through on his own understanding of the case. And I am certain Danarion would do very well indeed by the realm and its new King. Thanks so, Tari.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 26 on 9/17/2011
Bravo! I say it quietly at first. Humbled at the beauty and scope of your story. Though somewhat based on fact, you brought the quality of Middle-earth to it. Your characters were astounding. Especially the members of the deputation.

I read this in about three days, on my droid, until the wee hours of the morning. One morning I could hardly see with the fatigue closing my eyes.

A truly compelling mystery and a glorious affirmation of truth and justice.

My BRAVO is louder now. Your skill at writing has always awed me, Larner. Congratulations on completing such a journey and then sharing it with us.

PS - my heart goes out to the 'real' story and those involved in it. I pray for peace for them all. And justice as Aragorn doled it out.

Author Reply: And I thank you so, Agape! It has been a story that has meant a good deal to me, and I rejoice that at least the three wrongly accused and convicted have been released. And may the full justice be known to all involved. There's been a place on my barn door awaiting the hides of at least two of the players in this travesty of justice for the past nine years!

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 26 on 9/12/2011
Well there goes all of those lose ends! I'm glad that they found the uruk. That last paragraph is very touching and I think it shows what could be the underlying theme of the story: to be thankful for our fathers (or whoever we have who cares for us). (I guess...I'm not very good at identifying themes)
I really enjoyed reading this story!
God Bless!


Author Reply: I'm not certain this has a particular theme beyond making certain that in a rush for judgment we don't place ourselves in danger of sending the wrong people to prison, but, yes, we certainly wish to be proud of those who served as parents to us. And although I don't think I got quite all the loose ends, I certainly got enough to be going on with.

Thanks so for following along with this so faithfully!

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 26 on 9/12/2011
A good story, Larner! One that I enjoyed reading, and trying to figure out all the twists....

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thanks so, Elena. As with the real-life case that inspired it, we have found that every time we thought we had it all figured out something new would hit us over the head and we'd find we had to start all over again! It's wonderful to have it posted at last, and I'll have the revised postscript up on Friday, I hope.

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 26 on 9/12/2011
I thought that the war might have prevented Denethor from looking into that case! It's too bad that he didn't mention his suspicions about Saruman to Gandalf though ....... that information would have helped immensely! I'm glad that Danarion, his friends, and their families are rebuilding their lives. Hopefully Galmar's family can find closure with the knowledge that the true muderer was found. Of course, they still might chose to believe that Danarion and the others were involved. Sigh. As always, your stories are extremely enjoyable! Many thanks! :)

Author Reply: I hope that Gilmar's parents come around once they know the real killer has been identified and killed. I hope one day Michael Moore's parents and Steve Branch's birth father will realize that the police and prosecutors mislead them from the start, too. But they have displayed serious reluctance to accept this.

Denethor was, I think, an excellent ruler and I hope mostly a just man; I do not think he would willingly allow such blatant injustice to stand. But as we aren't certain just when his own suspicions about Saruman began to grow, that he would treat Gandalf with some suspicion himself on his arrival in Minas Tirith with Pippin in tow, particularly knowing the two of them had been accompanying Isildur's Heir, is perhaps to be expected; but speaking of his concerns regarding Saruman when Gandalf arrived with word of the sack of Isengard would very probably appear superfluous at that point. Had he been aware of this probalem during Gandalf's previous visit when he was seeking out that document in which Isildur described the Ring and Its inscription it definitely would have been helpful to share his concerns, however!

And I thank you so! Author's Notes are now up, and I hope to repost the edited Postscript on Friday.

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