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Eggs By the Fire, A Ranger and the Hobbit Tale  by Cairistiona 40 Review(s)
sidhReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/23/2013
"Estel, are you sure you're well?" Elladan asked.

His reply was interrupted by a yawn so huge it made his eyes water and his shoulders shake. "Just tired," he murmured. "Long day." He shut his eyes, prepared to leave them shut for the next week. He heard a soft footstop, then felt a blanket drop across him.

A hand rested on his forehead, and Elladan spoke. "You're not hiding any wound or illness?"

"No. Not this time."

Please write more of this tale. Ferdinand is such a great character, I would really love to see more stories as he meets with Strider and the twins and Gildor.

You do the characters so well, I think the empathetic nature of the hobbit seeing the pain in the twins was truly stunning and sad and marvelous.


Author Reply: Thanks, sidh... glad you enjoyed the entire story! I really had fun revisiting Ferdinand. As for another story, I hadn't really thought of it but it does sound intriguing. I'll keep the idea simmering on the backburner and see if any ideas come to light (and I'll have to do a little re-reading about Gildor, a character I'm not as familiar with as some of the others). *fingers crossed*

sidhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/23/2013
He scooted a little closer to the fire. His stomach growled. Food. What to eat? He didn't feel like hunting nor setting snares, and trudging back to the river to dip his hook and string in the waters held all the appeal of storming Dol Goldur

Great, great line.

Wonderful! So excited to find this tale. Poor Strider, alone in the woods. I love that he's alone and the sadness of him being caught on the edge of fear and the loneliness of his want of Fellowship.

Cannot wait to see what happens.

Author Reply: Thank you, sidh! I'm glad you found the story. I do enjoy writing Aragorn when he's alone, though I rarely end up keeping him that way, as you saw from the next two chapters. *g*

LisaGReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/15/2013
Lovely short story! I've missed your writing very, very much and was so pleased to see this when I was checking in on this occasion. Poor Aragorn, never enough time to take for himself, but I'm so glad he found some comfort in his friendship with Ferdinand and with his beloved elvish brothers. :) I hope you write more stories soon!

Author Reply: Glad you found the story, LisaG, and very glad you enjoyed it! Poor Aragorn doesn't often get much time to himself, does he? Thank goodness for brothers and the occasional adventurous hobbit.

Real life has been a bear the last year or so, but I do hope to get back to writing again soon. *fingers crossed* Thanks for the kind words!

Lily BagginsReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/18/2013
Did I never review this last chapter? I know I meant to, but given my absent-mindedness of late, I probably thought I did and didn't. Sometimes I think I'm already senile!

This was the most darling story... and the ending was priceless. As always, I enjoy how Aragorn seems to manage to pull himself out of a despairing mood and realizes that he should be thankful for the small things. Really, a man in his occupation should be glad just to be breathing. :)

Ferdinand was a charmer, as always, and I really enjoyed the twins here. Loved it all.

Author Reply: *looks for a review from you for this chapter* Nope, I don't guess you did! But thank you... no review is ever considered late in my book. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I can't seem to ever write Aragorn without some sort of sadness creeping up on him, but the nice thing about him is that he's able to shake himself out of any doldrums. I figure by this point in his life, he can easily recognize the mullygrubs when they start sneaking up on him and knows what to do to stave them off. And you are so right--he *should* be grateful each day he actually wakes up breathing the free air! *g*

Thanks for reading!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/25/2013
What a lovely bittersweet story.It is so good to read something from you again.

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda! It felt good being able to write and post again. Glad you enjoyed it!

ImbecamielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2013
Delayed comment is delayed. XD

*squee* Elladan and Elrohir! I really didn't think it'd be them. But that makes me so very happy. :D

Oh, Ferdinand's reaction to them, and Aragorn's reaction to his reaction, not to mention explaining the whole "brothers" thing... just priceless. Ferdinand's ramblings are so fun. And the whole shirt exchange just made me giggle like crazy.

Yet again, just love all the coziness and familiarity and caring. You do such a lovely job in this of acknowledging the darker and harder things in the world, without detracting from the moment of warmth and respite. Lovely all around, and yet another reminder of just why I love your writing so much. Thank you for such an enjoyable read!

Author Reply: Thank you, Imbecamiel! Hee hee... I think I surprised everyone by having E2 show up. *G* Heaven knows they surprised *me*. I love writing Aragorn and his brothers--I really need to do more of that. *makes note*

I'm so glad you enjoyed the family/brother bonding aspect. It's one of my favorite topics but one that Aragorn doesn't get a lot of opportunities to experience, with his wandering life. I think it must have been, in its own way, "a light in dark places". Arwen definitely helped him keep his hope alive but I also like to think that his brothers, father, his Dunedain kin, and the friends he made all across Arda had an important role as well. It's fun to explore that. :)

eilujReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/15/2013
Ah well, if I can't have a slew of additional chapters for all the people I'd like to see happening by Aragorn's cave that evening, at least you gave me multiple visitors in this final chapter.

I liked the Twins bowing in the proper hobbit manner.

Poor Ferdinand. Someday he was owed a very long explanation of all the secrets Aragorn could not share at present. He smiled again, picturing some future day when he was king and Ferdinand was... well, what would he be? Such a skilled hobbit could be a valuable asset to a king. As clever as he was at cooking, he could very well see himself appointing Ferdinand as the head chef in his northern castle. Or if he ever had need of spies--and what king didn't--Ferdinand seemed eminently suited for such a life. -- One day Ferdinand will simply show up in the Citadel.... Arwen will be charmed from the first moment, but most of the courtiers and palace servants will find him beyond their understanding. Ferdinand, of course, will have a ball!

all the Men and Hobbits would be long gone. He could not be sure that even Halbarad would be left to him -- Well, he'll have Arwen and Legolas and Gimli, and most likely the Twins as well, at least in fanon.

"The eggs are..." He paused, then gave him a broad smile. "Ferdinand, they're fit for a king" -- I imagine Ferdinand will remember that one. And when he shows up in Minas Tirith, he'll be sure to comment on it. As well, he'll tell Aragorn how he learned 'Strider' was the new King.

Author Reply: Hee hee! I like the idea of Ferdinand simply showing up at Minas Tirith, unannounced. It would fit the serendipitous nature of their encounters to a T!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for your kind words. :)

DarkoverReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/15/2013
Dear Cairisitiona: I enjoyed this final chapter very much! As usual, it is very well written, with both fine characterization and dialogue. I enjoyed Ferdinand's babbling, not that I blame him--unexpectedly meeting two very good-looking, identical twin Elves would surprise even an adventurous hobbit like him. And his hospitality saved the day. I liked how you wove some darker threads into the story--the twins' personal issues, Aragorn's fears that he will never be king, and that he will outlive all those he knows now--because that was realistic. All three of them, especially Aragorn, have a lot to be depressed about. But I am also very pleased that you gave us a happy ending. Aragorn's fears and concerns are understandable, and in a way he was right, because he did outlive most of the people he knows and loves at the time of this story. But he lives to make other friends as well--the other folk of the Fellowship, Eomer and Eowyn of Rohan, Faramir of Gondor. And of course, in time he will marry Arwen, the elleth he loves. Aragorn has no way of knowing this at present, but as you demonstrated, he is not much inclined to self-pity, and none of us knows what the future will bring. Such stories as this one give us all a feeling of hope. Thanks again for writing and posting this story! Sincerely, Darkover

Author Reply: Thank you so much, Darkover! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and yes, the great thing about Aragorn is that sense of hope that never goes away completely, even if he's having a moment of fear or sorrow or uncertainty. I think writing his character helps me to remember that in my own life, so perhaps that's one reason he resonates with me so much. He's a good role model. :) Thank you for all your kind words!

MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/15/2013
I'm with Shirebound: this was FUN!

I loved your Twins by-play; the subtle history told in little bits and bobs that of course we readers are familiar with!

And the shirt routine had me laughing out loud, remembering a certain story (lost who wrote it) "The Scruff Factor" I think it was. Very scruffy king to be and elvish pride. LOL

And your Ferdinand is an out-and-out keeper.

Author Reply: Thank you, Miko! That's the one thing that's nice about fanfiction--you can leave only the little bits of history here and there and it dresses up a story very well. And the shirt thing was literally a last minute insertion as I posted what I thought was the finished story. I'm glad I included it, because it seems to resonate with everyone. :)

Someday I'll get Aragorn and Ferdinand together again... and maybe then King Elessar can finally explain himself. *g*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/15/2013
Well, of course! And soon enough he'll know four more Hobbits, and far more intimately than he does even Ferdinand! The new age approaches now....

Delightful, Cairistiona!

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner! So glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I do kind of like to think that Ferdinand laid a wee bit of groundwork for Aragorn, to prepare him at least a little for all the idiosyncracies that are hobbits, Tooks, Brandybucks and Baggins in particular!

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