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Not a day like others  by Laikwalss 19 Review(s)
gginscReviewed Chapter: 4 on 12/19/2013
An excellent story. I truly enjoyed reading it even though the thought of Imladris being invaded by Orcs is horrifying.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/5/2013
A good ending but a troubling one as well...

Author Reply: indeed, and Elrond will have a lot to think about and Im already thinking hard about a sequel. LOL. Thank you so much for revieweing, Ellie. Lai

eliza61Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/18/2013
What a great tale Laikwalasse, a mystery and suspense! loved it. I so feel for Elladan though, we are a bit of kindred spirits. I too have the patience of a knat, lol. there is nothing more frustrating than waiting on someone you know you cannot not force to bend to your will. ***sighs***

the ending was great, very nice to sneak a peak into what I always thought was a very deep friendship underlying service.

enjoyed it immensely.

Author Reply: thank you so much for your lovely words and I can wholehardedly agree with you. Im a bit like Elladan too, but Glorfndel is Glorfindel and Elladan will have to be content with the information he is getting. Even if the great friendship of Glorfindel and Elrond is known, I also love to remember that Glorfindel is dong a service to the other Elf-lord and if this service is done with love and dedication then it is the best you can get. Again thank you for reviewing. I really appreciate it. Lai

FiondilReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/18/2013
Ah, a satisfying ending even though we never learn who or what attacked Elrond and how his defenses were breached. Loved Glorfindel in this. He can be so intimidating when he wants to be, especially toward the twins. Elrond is very fortunate to have him as a friend and protector. Thanks, Lai!

Author Reply: you are welcome, Fiondil. Yes the end was satisfying, but I suspect Elrond will have a lot to think about. And you are right, Glorfindel is simply the best. Who was behind the attack....mmmmhm...much room for a sequel? THank you so much for reviewing. I really appreciate it. Lai

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/18/2013
Wow. That was certainly a daunting tale. It reminded me of Gondolin. Glad that ending was different.

But it is unsettling.

Well done.

Author Reply: unsettling indeed and Elrond will surely need some time to come to terms with it and investigate what happened. Im glad you liked the story even if it was unsettling. Many thanks for reviewing. Lai

IlyaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/17/2013
Brilliant way to end it! I'm glad Elrond and Glorfindel are recovering. Here's hoping nothing like this ever happens again- it was a bit too close! Great story though.

Author Reply: Im so glad you liked the ending. Elrond is recovering but this time it has affected him and surely he is also hoping for no repetition. Thank yo so much for reading and reviewing. Lai

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/7/2013

This was intense. I was grateful to know that the terror and destruction, the countless deaths existed only in Elrond's mind... but still

Great tale. Superb writing.

Author Reply: yes, it only exists in Elronds mind but for him it was just as real and he will have to need some time to get over this. Im so glad you find it a great tale and much more superb writing, Im flattened. Thank you, Agape. Lai

FiondilReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/7/2013
Yay for Glorfindel! He's the elf! LOL! Great chapter, Lai. Now to find out who is behind the attack and how to counter it and save Elrond. If Glorfindel can't find the answer, no one can.

Author Reply: On Glorfindel you can count and he can still surprise our youngsters. Elrond can count himself lucky for such a companion. Thank you so much for reviewing, Fiondil, you know how much I appreciate it. Lai

IlyaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/7/2013
So Imladris was not really overrun by orcs (which I'd guessed anyway) but someone, presumably Sauron, is attacking Elrond's mind. Glorfindel managed to halt the attack, but Elrond might still die. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU LEFT IT THERE! Please update soon.

Author Reply: yes, Elrond is not out of the woods yet, and even if Glorfindel could repel the attack they have still to determine who is behind this. Sorry for the cliffhanger, but - where would be the fun? LOL! Im glad you liked the chapter, even if you already guessed what really happened. Thank you for reviewing. Lai

EllieReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/6/2013
Wow! That was a lot for everyone to try to fix without understanding what was going on. Glorfindel is amazing as always. at least the twins backed off and let him work and do his best to try to help Elrond. I wonder how they will pull Elrond back from the abyss?

Author Reply: On Glorfindel you can count and he is ever good for a surprise. The next (and last)chapter will answer if he was able to pull poor Elrond back, even if he will not reveal all of his secrets, much to Elladans dismay. Thank you so much for reviewing, Ellie. Lai

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