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Enter the Ranger  by Larner 14 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/2/2015
Aragorn shows a great deal of wisdom and common sense in this chapter. I had to laugh, though, as he managed to get the last word at the end.

Author Reply: Well, he has to accept that he's going to react differently because of how he was raised, don't you think? And I'm glad you're enjoying this so!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/2/2015
Oh, my, you've written quite a bit in this, and I'm still in chapter 2! Will plan to catch up next time I'm online... Such a treat to look forward to!

Author Reply: Yup! And have more still to write!

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2015
I'm enjoying this story very much. You paint a realistic picture of the young men in this group. Aragorn cannot hide his training and I can understand Orominion. He feels threatened by Aragorn's "otherness" and reacts the only way he can think of. His companions are not better. Let's just hope they all adjust to each other soon.

Author Reply: So often we respond to that which feels alien as these young men did, and particularly Orominion. It couldn't have been easy to return to his parents' people as Aragorn did and for all to feel comfortable with one another right away, I'd think.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/3/2014
I am enjoying this story a lot! I've never really pondered Aragorn's return to his own people, but this makes a lot of sense. :)

One thing I feel I must comment on, however, is your giving Aragorn a YEARLING. AS a horse person who has been training very several years, I have to tell you that very few horse people START breaking young horses to saddle THAT soon and certainly none would be given even remotely heavy work until they were two to three years of age.

Yearlings are still developing and are not mature enough to carry a rider as large as Aragorn would be at this age for any distance without damaging the growing bones. Most horses are not started under saddle until 2-3 years old and do not start heavy work under saddle until they are 3-4. The exception perhaps being thoroughbreds which as broke and start work as yearlings under jockeys who weigh less than 100 lbs and many of those break down by the time they are 3.

I just cannot see the Dunedain risking valuable animals in such a manner. I also doubt they would send a green horse on a mission of any length. You would want a mount who does NOT jump or bolt or shy at new and scary situations, like butterflies! Or blowing leaves! Or a billowing cape! Eeep! These young men are learning under potentially dangerous situations. They would need proven mounts trained well enough to not need more training on the road so they might focus on what they need to do and learn, not worry about a mount freaking out on them (and yearlings do!)

Our two year old colt was started under saddle without a rider, just with ground work. He just turned three and is soon to begin to learn what it means to carry a rider for more than 10-15 minutes. Even then he won't be worked hard for a while. He has to learn his manners first as we have no desire to go flying through the air! Something I watched my nephew do repeatedly when breaking the colt's sire. :)

Okay, end lecture. ;) Not trying to be critical, it's just a topic near and dear to my heart and part of my everyday routine.

Author Reply: I grew up amidst dogs, cats, and chickens rather than larger animals, so I appreciate the information. I will edit this chapter then, and thank you so much for the information.

In most of the stories I've read in which Aragorn returns to the Dunedain he starts at the sides of elders, either his grandparents or uncle; I simply decided to take a different path.

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/2/2014
This is not the rookie Ranger you want to sneak up on for a prank, kids!

Good chapter, subtly showing the young Aragorn's strengths and alienation. He also has a lot to learn.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/2/2014
I read as far as Aragorn's naming -- yet another name for him! He is a Man of many Names...

He shows himself as wise beyond his years. "Coming up through the ranks", yes, that is the way to earn respect and trust from those who will someday be his subordinates.

The new puppy has been with us for nearly a week. She is adorable, sweet, and affectionate... but shows signs of mischief and a sense of humour and perhaps living up to her name (Pandemonium, but for now, "Panda" suits her well) as she grows older and more confident.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/14/2014
I would love to see Lord Glorfindel expertly performing an arrogant shrug :-D

It becomes quite clear that Aragorn has much more experience, training and knowledge than the other young men. And still he does his best to be accepted by them.

And what do they do: They try to cut his warrior braids! The only excuse for that is that they simply did not know the true meaning of the braids. Those boys still have a lot to learn!

Author Reply: He does need to know acceptance from the others, and will need it more as he begins to grow into his role as Chieftain of the Northern Dunedain. But he's different, and our too common response to difference is to attack the one who's different. Yes, they have a lot to learn, but so does Aragorn if he's to make a success of himself as a new recruit to the Rangers.

TariReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/11/2014
Another area Tolkien didn't cover much was Aragorn's joining with his people. This is so good that I'd like to see more written. (My birthday is in July. Hint, hint.)

Author Reply: I intend to write more, but other constraints do interfere at times, I find. So glad you appreciate what's here now! Thanks, Tari!

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/11/2014
This is a lovely story - very much looking forward to seeing it develop.

(And are we ever going to see how we get to the end of 'Last Little Star...'?

Author Reply: Oh, dear--you and so many want "Last Little Star" while others want "The Tenant from Staddle" and I want to finish particularly "Stirring Rings"! So glad you're enjoying this one, and hope it doesn't start lagging behind, too.

ibonekiReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/10/2014
I'm giddy with excitement that you're writing this story! It's fantastic so far. Looking forward to more.

Author Reply: I'm so glad that you are enjoying it, Iboneki. Thanks so!

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