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Enter the Ranger  by Larner
How might Aragorn have returned to his own people after his foster father told him his true name, heritage, and expected role in the future of Middle Earth?
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Words of Hope14
Chapter  1: Building on the Ruins12
Chapter  2: The Elven Princeling14
Chapter  3: The Patrol8
Chapter  4: Mutual Knowledge13
Chapter  5: Danger10
Chapter  6: The Demands of Seniority8
Chapter  7: Three Days' Work9
Chapter  8: The Emergence of Leadership12
Chapter  9: An Unexpected Detour10
Chapter 10: The Battle of Lifewater Farm10
Chapter 11: Rivalry11
Chapter 12: Rest and Recovery7
Chapter 13: The King's Gift of Healing9
Chapter 14: Revelations of Family6
Chapter 15: Butchery9
Chapter 16: Alterations and Recognition12

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