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Enter the Ranger  by Larner 7 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/30/2016
What a coincidence for the two parties to meet there at Lifewater Farm!

And Peredhrion was the one who convinced Orominion to apologize? Well, maybe there is still hope for Orominion... I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author Reply: Oh, yes--quite the coincidence. But I do believe that the old order needs to realize that the one intended to be the Hope for the northern Dunedain does indeed fit the bill!

And I do believe that one of Aragorn's gifts was to bring most he met to demonstrate their inner nobility as much as possible.

Sorry to be so late in replying, but my computer went down--twice! before I could get to many of these comments.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/23/2016
It needed courage for Orominion to apologize. And he did it gracefully. Looking forward to the meeting between Argorn and Ivorwen.

Author Reply: Yes, it took courage--and some encouragement from Peredhrion, I suspect. Heh!

Thanks so!

PSWReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/22/2016
What a coincidence! I guess it's good that they've all run into each other -- they can recuperate together. :-) What spot were they visiting? (Or did I miss it in there somewhere?)

Seems like Aragorn is charming everyone, if he's even convinced Orominian to willingly apologize. It's a shame he's injured, but at least he's in a group and not out trying to take care of it all on his own. I will be interested to see the meeting with Ivorwen and the others, and I'm starting to wonder if the time for his patrol-mates to find out about him is drawing near...

Good that they're helping out w the farm -- that's quite a few extra mouths to feed.

Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: In a previous chapter Halbaleg and his wife and daughter learned that Ivorwen had gone with her younger son to what stands of Fornost, with Ivorwen intent on seeing what needed doing for the old fortress to be restored so that as Aragorn grows into his position as Chieftain of the Northern Dunedain he would have at least one of the ancient sites of Arnor ready for habitation. Not having infinite wealth, I suspect it would take many years to bring it to the point of being livable, and in my-verse it isn't until Aragorn is accompanying the Fellowship south from Rivendell that Halladan and his family move into it to see decoration and furnishing started.

Yes, Aragorn is demonstrating his ability to even convince Orominion of the need to apologize. And, yes, the time draws near for his fellows to learn who he is really, and why. But, not quite yet. Heh!

As for helping on the farm--I'd think that this could well be among the duties of such training patrols, helping not only in protecting their people but also in seeing to it that in day-to-day activities those they are with are supported as best they can. After all, the warriors aren't just the elite who have everything handed to them. While they are off, I suspect neighbors are helping with their family homes, farms, and businesses to the best of their ability, so they'd best be willing to pay it all forward as they can.

Thanks so!

beeReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/22/2016
I had completely forgotten about Ivorwen's party setting off; what a clever way to bring them back around into the story!

Here's a question that only just occurred to me, probably due to your always-flawless OC integration: is most of your Ivorwen/Dírhael family tree an educated guess (beyond Gilraen), or are these siblings mentioned somewhere in the Tolkien canon? I don't know anything about Halbarad's family; probably due to reading so much of your work I've assumed whatever you've written is canon. And if it isn't, it's certainly fanon at this point!

Author Reply: The Master did a lot in "Peoples of Middle-Earth" to fill in blanks within the Shire, Rohan, and Dol Amroth; but I'm unaware of him doing similarly for the remains of Arnor. About all we know is that the thirty or so Men who rode in the Grey Company Aragorn described as his kinsmen from the north, and that he was especially close to Halbarad of all of them. Halbarad's specific kin relationship to Aragorn is unclear, but I suspect that he was one of the first of the Dunedain near his age with whom Aragorn developed a good relationship, which indicates they were most likely in one another's company from the time Aragorn returned to his parents' people, which in turn indicates Halbarad's family must have been fairly closely related to either him or the one(s) who had ruled in Aragorn's stead since his father's death. It is probable that Halbarad was either asked or volunteered to help Aragorn work his way through the complexities of customs and behaviors now expected of him as their new Chieftain.

I am in good company, for in most stories of Aragorn's return that I've read, mostly on here or on the now defunct HASA site, Halbarad is described as a first cousin, the son to usually a son of Dirhael and Ivorwen. However, I think I remember in at least one case he was a much younger brother to Gilraen, and so was an uncle only a bit older than Aragorn himself.

In my-verse Dirhael and Ivorwen had two sons as well as Gilraen (obviously!) with Halbaleg having served as Arathorn's second and being accepted as his Steward, continuing on until Aragorn was judged a Man grown and ready to return home. I think I also thought at one time of them having a second sister, but am not certain where I would find the references to her at this point--possibly in "The Ties of Family."

In one story I read on HASA as my mind was first working out relationships for Aragorn's birth family his uncle was named Halbeleg, with the same spelling as Beleg Cuthalion; I kept putting an A in instead, so it's stuck that way.

So, if it's fanon, it's definitely MY fanon! Heh!

Thanks so!

6336Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/20/2016
If this keeps up we will have Gandalf showing up any minute, at this rate the farm is going to run out of places to put people.

Some people find it very hard to apologize, for anything, no matter how serious the transgression, it took a lot of courage for Oriminrion to apologize, both to the farmer and to Adelia.

I am not sure I would be leaving Ivorwen's injury so long before it is treated, especially with a possible dislocation, even a break, the sooner it is set the better.

Ivoewen will be meeting up with her nephew? Great Nephew before to long.

Hope all goes well for them.


Author Reply: Nah, I think they have far too many guests now, so Gandalf would possibly prove the straw that broke the camel's back. Enough IS enough, or for the moment, at least.

It won't be too long before Ivorwen and Peredhrion are able to interact, actually, although you are definitely right that the sooner the problem is dealt with the better the likely outcome.

As for Aragorn, as he is the son of Arathorn and Gilraen, and the latter is the daughter of Ivorwen and Dirhael, that makes him Ivorwen's grandson, the same as Halbarad, his brothers, and his sister--and any children Sedras might have as well.

Thanks so, Lynda!

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/20/2016
Always glad to have a new chapter. Thank you.

Author Reply: Also am glad to have any feedback, so thank you, UTfrog!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/20/2016
I look forward to the reunion between Ivorwen and Aragorn.

It's sad how little known -- and respected -- the "Ranger families" are, no matter where they go. And yet they retain their dignity, and don't let hope fade.

Author Reply: I so agree--the northern Rangers simply did not get the respect they more than earned. But, considering that they tended to do their protection on the sly, few had reason to realize they owed them any respect at all, unfortunately.

And indeed they did not allow hope to fade!

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