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Enter the Ranger  by Larner 8 Review(s)
EllynnReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 1/15/2020
Awww, wonderful ending to the wonderful story. Thank you so much for this journey.

Author Reply: I am so sorry I didn't respond in a more timely manner. Am so glad you enjoyed this story. I liked exploring a different manner for Aragorn to reenter the life of his own people. Now--to get back into Khazad-dum once more!

MattReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/27/2019
When SoA was more active than it is now I was a close follower of this story. I was pleased to see you'd finished it recently and like what you did with it. As I have noted in earlier reviews I think the treatment of prisoners etc too gentle but can see your reasoning for this. Your characters are generally very strong and well developed. I wish others would follow your efforts in this area. Thanks so much for your hard work on this, As I stop by, I'll be watching for other long works from you to either complete or begin.

Author Reply: I am reworking "Or Perchance, When the Last Little Star..." now, and hope to get it started reposting soon. And--who knows? Perhaps I might one day get Eorl to the Battle of the Celebrant, a chapter I'm stuck on in "Stirring Rings." I'm glad that you find yourself understanding why Aragorn seemed too gentle with the Angmarians. I do try to do decent characterizations, and find I've been inspired by writers such as Charles Dickens and, more importantly, Rosemary Sutcliff, who doesn't repeatedly bonk the reader over the head with it as Dickens did.

Thank you for continuing to check up on this tale, and am glad you enjoyed it in the end. Thanks so, Matt!

BookwormReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/13/2019
Ah, I loved this! And the epilogue is just perfect, tying everything neatly together

Author Reply: Am so glad you have liked it so, Bookworm. And it was fun to see Eldarion establishing what may well become a family tradition for the descendants of Elessar Telcontar, entering the Rangers incognito so as to get the idea as to what it truly means to serve in both realms. Thanks so much for the comments!

ibonekiReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/8/2019
I cannot say enough about this absolute gift of a story. You've been such a prolific writer for this fandom, your works always equally as technically well-written as they are perfectly characterized. But this one is probably my all-time favorite. Aragorn is an endlessly fascinating character but I find that the most interesting parts of his life are not from LOTR itself, but the small tidbits mentioned in the appendices. That you took the mention of Aragorn returning to his people and imagined it in this fashion, weaving such a complex story that explores all of the skills and characteristics we know he must have both trained for and embodied. And not just this, but also exploring Aragorn's real fears and anxieties as he copes with the expectations and pressure of being such a young chieftain. I especially loved along the way how his companions grew to either realize who he was, or had their deserved embarrassment when finding out at the end, hah! The epilogue, coming full circle with Eldarion and two of Aragorn's original companions was perfection. I appreciate your effort in writing and finishing this, and it made my day every time a new chapter appeared in my inbox. I'll miss this story but will certainly read it again and again. Hope you find room in your writing for more exploration of Aragorn in the future.

Author Reply: Thank you so, Iboneki. I'm not as prolific as I once was, but between my work, my beasts, and admittedly my age, I find too many distractions from writing. I am so glad that this tale has caught so positively at your imagination. Thanks so very much for your comments and letting me know how much the tale has pleased you!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/8/2019
What an absolutely marvelous epilogue. As his father served in humility, skill, and secret in the South, 'Elda' now serves in humility, skill, and secret in the North. This entire conclusion beautifully shows us the future of the Dunedain, and the tapestry of citizens woven from all parts of Middle-earth. Well done, my friend.

Author Reply: I hope that it is many, many generations before the Dunedain begin to deteriorate, Shirebound. I've loved writing this story, and felt that Eldarion ought to follow his father's example at least a bit. Thanks so for your continued appreciation for my writing.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/8/2019
Breathtaking story. Love the plot and characters. Thank you for sharing.

Author Reply: Thank you so, MyStarlight. I've loved Aragorn since I was thirteen, and find that now that I'm approaching seventy I still love him!

KathyGReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/8/2019
So, this is the final chapter! You did a great job with this story! Is it also posted on

BTW, it's still listed as "in progress." If it really is finished, you might want to change its status to "complete."

Author Reply: Yes, this was the final chapter, and I hope that you realize that I like to "complete" my longer works with my author's notes. Am so glad you liked it. Yes, it's complete on Fanfiction.Net as well, but think I have to add the author's notes to it on A2O3. Hope to get back to your and Dreamflower's story within the next week. Life had become so distracting in the last few years!

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/7/2019
Love this ending! Thank you so much.

Author Reply: Well, what better ending than that the son should follow the father to prove he is worthy to serve both North and South Kingdoms? Thank you so much for following this story, UTfrog!

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