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Swan Song  by Conquistadora 1 Review(s)
PSWReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/20/2018
At last, some answers!

And from what a source. Such intriguing ponderings regarding the Uruks/orcs, and their path forward now that the driving forces behind them are no more. If given a choice, what would they be? Hmm ... I do very much like how you have written this Uruk (canít remember his name exactly) ó still with unattractive and even repulsive qualities, but the desire is there. Very true, change such as this does not happen overnight.

Iím anxious to see how these next steps will play out. So glad I finally got back to this story, it has completely sucked me in again. Thanks so much for writing, and I look forward to more!

Author Reply: Thanks for all the great reviews! We'll try not to keep you waiting too long.

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