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Swan Song  by Conquistadora
King Elessar has planned an elaborate New Year's celebration to reunite the free peoples of Middle-earth and the heroes of the War of the Ring, but unrest in Gondor and an ambitious new enemy in the south threaten much more than the festivities. Prince Imrahil joins forces with Gondor's newest allies to protect their hard-won peace against enemies both within and without. ((An ongoing collaboration with my husband, the Imrahil fan.))
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: 0
Chapter  1: Princes and Kings4
Chapter  2: Wine and Rumor6
Chapter  3: Horses and Treason3
Chapter  4: Markets and Outlaws5
Chapter  5: Slander and Kinship4
Chapter  6: Memories and Meetings2
Chapter  7: Blood and Shadows2
Chapter  8: Ceremony and Suspicion1
Chapter  9: Knives and Fireworks2
Chapter 10: Entertainments and Hostilities2
Chapter 11: Conflagration5
Chapter 12: Judgement and Crisis2
Chapter 13: Death and Doubt2
Chapter 14: Revelations and Ramifications2

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