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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 13 Review(s)
obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/11/2016
Now I definitely know something is not right. Too many dead people in this chapter. Luckily the next chapter is waiting for me.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/6/2016
Oh. My. Goodness! Real or hallucination, that was a stunning cliffie. I will be glad for tomorrow and maybe some answers!

elrondionReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/1/2016
cannot help but think namo is somehow and for some reason gathering a formidable group perhaps for very specialized training. maiar have been suspiciously absent once new york has been reached. oh, yes, they may have influenced things for the twins and serinde but otherwise they have been hidden. have to see where things go from here. in the meantime, i will settle in to the overstuffed chair in the corner of the cliff house with a cup of russian caravan tea and a scone awaiting the next chapter.

Author Reply: Wherever Finrod and Glorfindel are around Namo is never far away! As far as the Maiar are concerned, it might be that their help is a little too much 'Deus ex machina' for the situation in modern Middle Earth. Not giving anything away, you understand. I'm just saying!

Enjoy your tea and scone and please save some for me and the other beta amigas!

xxx Shemyaza

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016
Someone has been manipulating Glorfindel's mind, at least, and I wanna know WHO! What is real in all of this?

Author Reply: Well it could be manipulation but as to the who and what is real in all of this, you're just going to have to be patient!

xxx Shemyaza

MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016
Aaand we're back to the "adult" only entry: Calibre say's "bad file" cannot download.

Oh my aching eyes!

*clears throat* Now, regarding this latest chapter...

Woah, wait, what?

Glorfindel is realizing there's something odd, yet STILL saying nothing?

And then... Farrell. Last I recall he wasn't dead so much as comatose. Soooooooo

This is all reading like a psychic attack; anyone want to lay tea/coffee/cookies that everyone is still in Wiseman while Glorfindel is off chasing the Light Fantastic?

A test of their psychic strength perhaps, or their spiritual.

Author Reply: The warning was meant this time Miko! We knew that Glorfindel and others dying would upset the readers so it was my way of warning you all that the content of this chapter could upset you.

Don't worry too much though. You know that Glorfindel is very hard to kill and even harder to keep dead. Never mind the fact that Namo definitely won't want a certain golden haired Balrog Slayer causing mayhem in his Halls.

Not all is lost. Keep reading. After the beta emigos read these chapters we were ALL like, Omigod, what the hell Arthur, but you know, Arthur had a very mischievous side to him which wasn't always evident and he's having a good hearty laugh at us all from wherever he is!

Shemyaza xxxx

6336Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016
O.K. Now I am really weirded out! If this is a dream Irmo must be really pissed off with our favorite Balrog Slayer, it's either that or he got in to some funny mushrooms.

If Glorfi has managed to get himself killed off I hope he has a sword with him so he can skewer himself to Namos door, though come to think of it that has to be very boring hanging around on Namo's door like that, I expect the odd Mair comes round to dust him off every now and then.

The rate Elves and people are getting killed off Namo will have to open a new wing and muster up a few more swan boats.

As for the jewel some how I don't think it is a Silmarill, don't forget in E.A.3 it is so bright that Alex and Derek have a problem with it, its light is too pure for Mortals to bear, probably the Elendilmar or maybe the Arkenstone.

As for Farrell, now I know it is all in Glorfi's head, the last time I heard Farrell is in a long term care facility in Alaska vegetating away, if he hasn't passed, that is.

Ah well now I know which chapters to skip when I come to reread this.

Trudges up to Cliff House and settles in for something to happen, for the better, I hope, it better be!


Author Reply: I can't actually tell you what the artifact is, it could be a Silmarill (Remember Maedhros threw it into a fiery chasm and jumped with it; unlikely to be the Arkenstone which was buried with Thorin Oakenshield, but there is a slim chance it's come to light, however the Silmarils and the Arkenstone have very negative effects on all who come into contact with them. At the moment only Arthur knows what was in his head and I am not about to enlighten anyone!

As for Glorfi in Namo's Halls, I believe Namo has made it quite clear that the Balrog Slayer is not welcome to clutter up the Halls and cause alarm and despondency!

xxx Shemyaza

FV_WhisperReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016
Eehmm, Glorfi, if you're dreaming...this would be a good time to wake up...

For I still refuse to believe Fiondill would ad both Glorfindel and Finrod tp the body count. One of them would be unlikely, but the two of them? He could not do that to poor Namo!

And o yes, yes, YES!! My guesses about the talisman were right and it is indeed a Silmaril. Now let's hope that part of the story is actually true and the brothers have indeed stowed one away in the mountains...
(Long ago, I came up with the (apparently not so crazy) idea how one of the Silmarils made it somehow into the Templars treasure, so I guess my own idea's about the talisman were mingled with that, but it's so nice to see Fiondill was having similar thoughts).
My guess is that this would have been Maedhros' stone, seeing how Maglor's one gets redeemed in his own story.

Kaylee, it's nice to see others thinking about the Silmaril/arkenstone theory as well (I admit, I've given those little gems too much thought over the last few years...) And your thought of Farrell being servant of Morgoth would make sense. The thought of Farrell being Morgoth is downright scary....


Author Reply: You will have to wait and see. There is a lot of water due to pass under this bridge!

Glorfindel probably could do that to Namo, just to spite him, but I suspect that he would be reborn very very quickly, before he wrecked the joint!

xxx Shemyaza

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016
Okay, definite cliff house chapter, but something different from what we have been reading must be happening. Great chapter, though.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016

(Please, is this a nightmare Glorfy is having because he had too much chili or something?)

Author Reply: Is it a nightmare? Perhaps it is, we shall soon see! Watch this space!

xxx Shemyaza

SarahReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2016
OK. The crazy can stop any time now. *sticks fingers in ears* NOPE NOPE NOT REAL I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS

Author Reply: I nearly missed you for the reviews!

You can't keep your fingers stuck in your ears forever! Arthur is full of surprises with this EA4, naughty man. I think he was chuckling as he wrote all of this in expectation of the alarm and despondency it would cause!

xxx Shemyaza

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