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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil
Disclaimer: These are the unfinished chapters of Fiondil's last story about his Elf Academy.NB: Ellie and I have decided to try and finish Fiondil's last story. I need to look through his notes to see whether he had written any regarding how he wanted to progress the story. Please, Please bear with us while we do this. We need to try and get inside Fiondil's head and agree what sort of path we will take which will be closest to what he would have written.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue the Second: The Beginning of the End22
Chapter Prologue: The First Sign8
Chapter  1: Into The Mountains16
Chapter  2: Reconnaissance13
Chapter  3: Practice Run8
Chapter  4: The Enemy Attacks23
Chapter  5: Into the Gorge13
Chapter  6: Counselling Session14
Chapter  7: Café Encounter7
Chapter  8: Catching Up7
Chapter  9: A Day at the Hospital6
Chapter 10: Retreat into the Woods7
Chapter 11: Diagnosis6
Chapter 12: Consultations7
Chapter 13: Counseling Session with Alex6
Chapter 14: The Picnic6
Chapter 15: Glorfindel and Elrond7
Chapter 16: Fairbanks4
Chapter 17: The Botanical Gardens9
Chapter 18: Denali4
Chapter 19: Into the Backcountry11
Chapter 20: The Watcher in the Water9
Chapter 21: At the Riley Creek Campgrounds6
Chapter 22: Explanations5
Chapter 23: Meanwhile, On the Way to Valinor…6
Chapter 24: Returning Home5
Chapter 25: Sador in Alqualondë5
Chapter 26: A Discussion Among Kings9
Chapter 27: The Council Continues20
Chapter 28: Alex in Vala-la-land18
Chapter 29: Back in Wiseman5
Chapter 30: Regression6
Chapter 31: The Blooding of Daeron3
Chapter 32: Elf Camp7
Chapter 33: The Wizard Is In4
Chapter 34: A Session with Alex9
Chapter 35: Mittatyalië Mardi Lúmelórassen12
Chapter 36: Raguel in Valmar8
Chapter 37: Alone in a Crowd7
Chapter 38: Trial of a Vala9
Chapter 39: Reconciliation11
Chapter 40: A Dream Revealed9
Chapter 41: The Brothers’ Tale Begins7
Chapter 42: Searching for Answers5
Chapter 43: Message from an Archangel6
Chapter 44: Shrewsbury8
Chapter 45: Guardians of the Talisman7
Chapter 46: Seeking Employment17
Chapter 47: Seeking Sanctuary4
Chapter 48: Shrewsbury Abbey8
Chapter 49: Death Comes to Shrewsbury7
Chapter 50: The Miracle of St. Winifred2
Chapter 51: The Brothers’ Tale Ends1
Chapter 52: Interlude in Valinor9
Chapter 53: Spies-R-Us11
Chapter 54: Council of War12
Chapter 55: Truth, Lies and Conlangs13
Chapter 56: Assignment: Redelfs10
Chapter 57: Plans Moving Forward12
Chapter 58: Rufus Moynihan and Louise9
Chapter 59: Syracuse14

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