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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 14 Review(s)
JenniemReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/13/2016
Well, thank goodness for that.

I know that Glorfindel's health and well-being are worrying, but at least he's not going through the loss of so many friends and people he loves.

Thank you, all of you who are working so hard to bring us this final EA story.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/11/2016
So, this talisman is very important, then. I'd wondered if either the Enemy or the Valar were behind what was going on so far. Now, to find out just what is important about the Talisman, and perhaps Fiondil had intended to show us what DOES lie beneath Winterdark Tarn.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/11/2016
So, it was all a nightmare, or several. Edhelhond is still standing and Wiseman is still part of the story. I'm relieved. I was willing to go along with the elves moving on, but more and more things didn't add up. Let's hope that Vorondur can get Glorfindel to recall enough of the dreams to make Irmo's work worth it. But that Irmo's dreams get manipulated is troublesome. Who can twist his work?

Nothing for it as to wait for the next installment. Going to the cliffhouse to join the gang. I'll bring crackers and cheese.

SoledadReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/8/2016
I'm very relieved that it turned be a nightmare, even though I am very worried about Glorfi, like everyone else. To be brutally honest, I was about to wait for this week's update, in the hope that it will, indeed, be a nightmare before I would give up on the story entirely, so alienated I was. I'm really glad I didn't, now, we are back in Wiseman and we can fear for Glorfindel all together, just like in old times.

I'll bring honemade cookies to the Cliff House - the spicy kind, because this was a wild tour Fiondil take us to in the recent weeks. He probably laughs his head off over our panic in the Halls of Waiting. ;)

Author Reply: Anyone who thinks that Arthur is NOT laughing his socks off at everything should know that he had a very mischievous side to him. He knew that Elf Academy 4 would probably be the last in the Elf Academy series and I think he wanted to shock his readers and send them on a wild ride. I can't tell you that there are no more shocks coming, but there might just be!

Make the cookies extra spicy and I will join you with some luscious lemon squares and a bottle of Baileys.

xxx Shemyaza

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/8/2016
Ooooooh, Atto, if you weren't already dead...I love you devotedly and always shall, but you nearly gave me a heart attack! I hope Lord Namo is shouting at you right now! I mean, I figured this couldn't be real, but Glorfi? Fading? WHAT?!?!?! Gaaaaah! Someone DO SOMETHING!!! I hope whatever Lord Namo's plans are they work sooner rather than later!!

Beta Amiga nettenyar, I'm glad that you keep posting, really I am. I just hope that soon, Glorfi will be healed from whatever's causing him to fade (I don't think it can be just the mugging) and that he gets his ring back which he *obviously* never got back. That will probably prove instrumental in helping him.

*joins fellow Fiondilie at the Cliff House, muttering about how SoA let me read the chapter yesterday but then started being all crazy and I couldn't review*



Author Reply: He is SO laughing at you right now, you know that right? I have absolutely no doubt that Arthur pumped Namo for information and nearly drove him mad. I am certain that he heaved a huge sigh of relief when Arthur finally went into the Circles of the World. I also know that he is still around, there is no way he would wish to leave without seeing all of the gobsmacked reactions to the story.

I will join you at Cliff House, but I am bringing lemon squares and some bottles of Baileys.

xxx Shemyaza

Arwen75Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/8/2016
Well I am glad to see those nightmarish scenes - were that - a nightmare. Concerned for Glorfindel but I do hope ROn can help him and stop the fading.

As always I have rarely left reviews but do read regularly and am very grateful to all who have made the publishing of these unfinished tales possible.

Author Reply: We know that Arthur had a large readership and the publishing of this, his last story, was important to both his readers and those of us who knew him well. It was our way of honouring the man and his talent for storytelling.

Ron is a very capable psychologist. I am sure that something will eventually help Glorfindel.

xxx Shemyaza

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/7/2016
So that whole nightmarish adventure was just that - a nightmare. And one that cme to him courtesy of the Valar.
But how typical of our Balrog-Slayer that he is still giving the Valar grief, even when he is dreaming!

Author Reply: Hmmm.... not ENTIRELY courtesy of the Valar, I have to say. Someone IS interfering and it's not just our Feanturi Brothers!

Glorfindel would give anyone grief!

xxx Shemyaza

sharonbReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/7/2016
Well, relief that all of those chapters were a bad dream. But I'm with everyone else in wondering who is hijacking the dream from Irmo and giving it such nightmarish qualities. Not much time has passed, the triplets aren't hear yet and drat Alex and Felicity aren't married let alone having a little one themselves. Maybe we can hope that a few happy things are prophetic from Gorfi's dreams.

Bringing a coffee cake to the cliff house and waiting for the next installment!

Author Reply: Indeed, the hijacking of Irmo's dream is very worrisome. In fact NO time has really passed in the real world, so things are more or less strolling along in Wiseman.

xxx Shemyaza

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/7/2016
*WHEW!!!!*heaves great sigh of relief*

I am SO glad that this was all a dream! Edhellond is not destroyed at all, which is a good thing, since it seemed to be an essential part of the saga.

But poor Glorfindel! And who could possibly be interfering with Irmo? Because that really seemed to be what's happening, someone taking the dreams that are sent and twisting them in a darker direction.

Author Reply: Yes, thank goodness it was a dream, but not a nice dream. In fact rather a nightmare really for Glorfindel and I guess it shows to some degree the state of his mind that someone from outside could manipulate him to that extent.

xxx Shemyaza

6336Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/7/2016

Well I am glad that is over, I knew it had to be some kind of Irmo inspired dream, (By the way Irmo next time we meet I am going to have a few words with you regarding this, per haps you can send him something pleasant to make up for it?) it sure was a doozy!

Now all he has to do is remember the talisman.

Breaths sigh of relief, settles back in chair in Cliff House with cup of tea and Bear Claw, better, much better.


Author Reply: Well, not entirely Irmo's dream. Someone IS manipulating Glorfindel's mind. Is it because he is possibly fading, or might it be someone outside agency? We shall see.

Enjoy the Bear Claw.

xxx Shemyaza

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