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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 7 Review(s)
AngwenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/25/2016, are y'all just skipping to posting on Wednesdays, then?

We only ask because though WE DO REALLY APPRECIATE you guys bringing the story to us, it does really drive home that Fiondil is gone when we check and there's still no update. With the sort of history we've all been through here, it makes for worries and sadness. No idea how he got his updated on time over and over and over again - it was like magic!

We'd just like to know when to look for updates. Mondays? Wednesdays? Some other day that ends in Y? ^_^ THANKS!!!

Author Reply: As I explained to another reader,I am generally the one who posts the chapters, but there were family issues which came first and I didn't manage to post until later. Sadly we do have to concentrate on real life stuff sometimes, but will always endeavour to make sure we don't miss a week. The story I posted that fell on a Wednesday was actually posted in the haemato oncology clinic while I was waiting to see my oncologist. I was just lucky I had my tablet with me.

We are very grateful for your patience!

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/24/2016
Dear moderators,

Please post new chapter every Monday on schedule.

Hate it when tis delayed without any explanation.

Author Reply: My apologies, but I had family issues and wasning in a position to post at the time. The other two ladies and I do have families and sometimes things crops up. Unfortunately none of us are Arthur (we wish he was still here to post them himself)and we do sometimes have busy schedules. Please be patient with us, we would greatly appreciate it.

Author Reply: I also should have said that Ellie, Mari and I are not moderators of the SoA site. We are all close friends of Fiondil's. We have no official position on this story site at all!

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/23/2016
Ron's personality profiles are hilarious. "Intelligence: Wise, but crazy" LOL. I can see how that assessment comes about from an elven point of view.

Vanime, in her review, I think hit the nail on the head about the reason for Glorfindel's fading. He has nothing worth living for. He has a lot worth dying for, but nothing that makes him really wanting to stay alive. All his charges have grown out of his tutelage, Elrond's sons, even the mortals. His friends can carry on without him (in his mind). Just living to see another battle even for the fate of the world is not really an incentive to live. You might die anyway. Helyanwe leaving was probably the final blow to his estel. What is left for him? Pretty much anything he has already done and for the most part, he doesn't need a repeat. The Valar make him feel out of control. They pop in or out as they wish and are not always helpful. I think Glorfindel is simply tired of it all. They have to come up with a reason to live for Glorfindel.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/20/2016
I so love the descriptions Vorondur makes of Legolas. I do hope that things don't get too far out of hand, and hope they do catch the ones working out the plans to cause more problems.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/20/2016
Oh, Ron, from your lips to the Valar's ears.

May it be so.

Or famous last words, which knowing Glorfi, is probably so.


SunnyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/20/2016
oh my, I absolutely adore Ron's personality profiles! First we saw the one he had on Glorfindel, now we have seen the one he has on Legolas as well. I giggled my way through it!

VanimeReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/20/2016
I haven't reviewed since Chapter 4, but continue to be drawn into the story and going on this wild ride that is Elf Academy. :) I absolutely have to say that I am relieved to find that it was all a bad dream for Glorfindel in the beginning chapters there.

I do wonder if the dream is a portent of what might happen, with some aspects of truth to it, like the talisman that the twins have to get to.

So glad that Elrond is able to keep Glorfindel in check, and love the fact that he is still "Lording" over Glorfindel to do this. It's a nice aspect of him to see, as we often have wondered at the strength of Elrond, esp. when it is so rarely displayed as it was in the last chapter.

So sorry that Glorfindel is fading... :( I wonder if the way to tether him, would be to give him something tangible to live for. I was thinking on his and Legolas' relationship. As Elrond mentioned, Glor loves Legolas... and as Legolas' real ada is not there, nor is he likely to be, perhaps Glor could be Legolas' adopted Ada? I think that they could balance each other out, and give each other a grounding to be less "wild". (As Per Dr. Brightman's analysis of Legolas running off and getting himself in a situation that may/might have been better avoided.)

I sincerely hope that the fading stops and Glor gets back to normal soon!

Looking forward to the next chappie!

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