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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 4 Review(s)
obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/17/2016
I love Ron's files. They are hilarious. Darren's past comes back to haunt him. It is intriguing to get glimpses of it, but unfortunately we will never get to know the full story, unless Fiondil is telling it in what is left of this story.

I hope the meeting between Glorfindel and the brothers will shed some more light on Glorfindel's dream.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/14/2016
Ah, dear me! This is a bundle of information and no mistake! as Sam would say. I, too, find myself fearing the coming confrontation between Glorfindel and the two Welsh Elves. It is GOING to be ... interesting!

As for Dearon--he is needing to let go that long-ago terror at what he'd done.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/12/2016
Somehow I failed to review the last few chapters. All were excellent and leading deeper into the story. I love Ron's notes on each character. I learn so much. Thanks again for all the hard work.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/12/2016
Ah, Ron! So glad they have you!

Thank you for the new chapters. I can clearly hear Fiondil's "voice" in this chapter, in particular, shining through. It is interesting to begin to pick the dream apart, try to figure out which parts were the hijacking and which were the originally intended dream.

Have brewed up some very good coffee and set it out, along with organic cream and a variety of sweeteners, at the Cliff House.

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