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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 8 Review(s)
elrondionReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/25/2016
perhaps a major hint as to why raguel is the person to help alex -- All right, Raguel, now that weve gotten all the pleasantries out of the way, why dont you do what you do best, summon the Chayyoth and lets get this over with. Im sure you have places to go and people to destroy, so lets not waste anymore of our time pretending youre here on a visit among friends.

seems like they both have had unpleasant jobs that they have done masterfully. perhaps he can help alex integrate himself well beyond this current bump in the road.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/8/2016
So, Raguel and Namo have a similar job, just on different levels. Loved the suggestion they should go and compare their jobs.

Namo needs a chat to take him a notch down. He is a bit full of himself at the moment. But it is a delicate balance to make him see the errors of his ways and not to destroy his confidence.

Author Reply: Yeah, I think perhaps the Valar have grown a bit smug in Valinor once all of the Eldar were called home or reborn. Arthur did have set ideas about how Valinor turned out to be both paradise and not paradise. He often highlighted his ideas on our Facebook page that there would have been considerable trouble in paradise given that the Elves who never left, the Reborn and the Returnees would have been all dumped in one place. All would have had issues, certainly with each other. You can only imagine the unrest.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/4/2016
I am so sorry to hear about your sister, but rejoice that she can draw upon both your strength and your experience as well as your continued presence in her life. Joy to you both always! She joins those who already are in my prayers.

Manwe at least is reassured that Raguel is there to support him, not to necessarily punish him, and that helps improve his own estel.

Author Reply: Thanks Larner, she isn't doing badly, but very sick for at least four to five days after the treatment. I do try to support her as best I can. Thank you and others for your prayers.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/3/2016
Heh. Really like Raguel here - did Fiondil "borrow" him from your fanfics on FFN, Shemyaza? I certainly noticed that your Nmo (and other Valar seemed to be quite influenced by Fiondil's work. ;-) (And speaking of your own fanfics (and your pro writing too, for that matter) are they permanently on hold?) (Yes, given what is happening in your life, I certainly expect that the more important matter of your sister's diagnosis trumps this, but I did want to ask.)

So much win in this chapter: Manwe having kitties, Enwe sighing, and his book appearing, Maglor ready to slug his elder brother. Among other things.
And Maedhros is just delightful!

Author Reply: Haha! Yes indeed, Arthur asked me if it was okay to borrow Raguel, I remember saying that Reguel is in the public domain and that he didn't need to ask permission.

I will start writing my fanfics again, it has been a rough four years since my diagnosis of leukaemia and the stem cell transplant. There are times I suffer from terrible fatigue, both physically and mentally and I also suffer a lot of pain from the neuropathy caused by the chemo. I've also ended up with something called Graft Versus Host Disease which hit my skin, so I lost most the layers of skin just after the transplant and had to be hospitalised again, because unfortunately GVHD can be life threatening all on its own. They gave me steroids which helped the skin, but in turn they have given me osteoporosis, so my spine has what they call wedge shape fractures. Consequently I am in a lot of pain because quite simply my back is crumbling. I have to take bone hardeners and Vit D. Add to that the fact that I had to go through two knee replacement surgeries and really I am just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now.

As soon as the fog lifts from my brain, I can publish my second book and go back to finish The Hellmouth.

I love Eonwe and his book and I can just see Maedhros excitedly wanting to be with Alexgrant his gwadur! This was the magic of Fiondil, how human all of his characters were!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/3/2016
OK, that was very amusing. I love that Raguel is conversant with mortal expressions, and that the Valar have recognized their own mistakes and fear for their own positions.

I am looking forward to Namo's chat with Raguel, but he's going to have to go some the next time he encounters either Alex OR Glorfindel OR Vorondur, because none of them are very happy with "Nate" either. He may have damaged any trust the Elves of Wiseman have for him.

TariReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/3/2016
I was sorry to read about the health issues in your family. I pray things improve for you.

Author Reply: Thanks Tari, every little helps, so far things as going as expected.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/3/2016
LOL! It seems that without even meaning to, Raguel has freaked everyone out, especially Namo, I suspect.

I wonder if Fiondil had any plans to include a reborn Fanro with the others for the final battle? Too bad there's no way to found out.

Author Reply: Isn't it just? There are so many things I would love to ask Arthur. Still so sad that it isn't possible. :(

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/3/2016
These chapters keep getting better and better! Am I correct that the reborn in the chamber were Sador, Gil-Galad and Maehdros? Thanks so much for all the hard work.

Author Reply: Yes indeed, they were there. Lovely chapter. Thorough enjoy every time Fiondil took his characters to Valinor! It gave a special feeling to the story I think.

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