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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 10 Review(s)
Clouded LeopardReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/18/2017
First of all, I am so sorry to hear about the health woes of you and your colleagues and wish all of you well in the near future. I agree with Elrodion, take care of yourselves first. Your health is more important. I am happy rereading what has been written already and enjoy all the stories immensely.

Alex has come a long way with the help of Ron and the others. He has changed for the better but I see like a cat his curiosity is getting the better of him. I am glad Anne is getting along with "extended family" and enjoying the company.

I guess Alex is seeing Redelfs as an unusual factor in their meeting. They really need to get to know each other instead of playing "cat and mouse" with each other as Redelfs sees it. I wonder if Redelfs and the ap Hywel brothers know each other.

Waiting patiently for new chapters, but like I said rereading the stories over again until you are ready to send new chapters is alright with me. Just take care of yourselves, that's what is really important at this time.

elrondionReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/15/2017
please take the time to get well. i am dealing with several health issues myself. just when you think things will be resolved, it all comes back to bite you. very frustrating. readers, let's be patient in waiting for the posts and thankful for their existence in the first place. they are truly a blessing from beyond.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/11/2017
A game of cat and mouse, indeed. Prof Redelf intrigues me, but I have no idea who he might be. He seems to be wary and not inclined to jump on the chance to find out why Alex spoke Sindarin. I just hope he is not with the enemy...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/9/2017
So, there is a possible past association between the two of them, is there? Most interesting. I wish he had answered Alex's Sindarin challenge. This pretence at "there's nothing to see here" is unfortunate, I suspect.

CelethReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/8/2017
Oohhh, I'm having such a lovely time trying to puzzle over Redelfs' identity.

What Elf has lived with the Mortals long enough to have this familiarity with so many of their languages, even the artificial ones...and have the credentials to be able to teach in a college?

For a brief moment back there I wondered if the Valar had granted Maedhros' request to cross over to be with his new gwador Alexgrant. But then there's the hair (which could be dyed, I suppose)...and the fact that he wouldn't have the time to get this familiar with the "modern" and created languages of the Mortals, not to mention getting the credentials to get into the college. Also, Alex would recognize him, I guess. Alex would recognize most of those who came to Elrohir's wedding, as well as those who attended the assembly back in Aman. Sador...wouldn't have the time to become a linguistics Professor. Somebody from Aman would have known of Alex Grant after his visit there - at least most everyone would have heard of him.

My guess is that it is an Elf who survived all those years living with the Mortals, just like Amroth, and Gwyn and Gareth and the others in Edhellond. And that he doesn't know that there are others of his kind, and that he is trying his best to blend in with the mortals. Which would explain his shock at hearing his native language on the lips of one of his students.

As to that connection...Alex used to have those racial memories, and those episodes where he channeled somebody from the deep past...that Elf from Nargothrond. I wonder if its another Elf he used to know back in Finrod's time? Hmmmm...I wonder if its somebody from Gildor Inglorion's Wandering Company? Maybe even Gildor Inglorion himself, with dyed hair of course hahaha! He might have missed the ship...

Hahaha my guesses are getting wilder and wilder!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/8/2017
I'm still very intrigued by Professor Redelfs. His look is entirely wrong for Maedhros, Mahtan or the Ambarussa despite his name. "Dark" hair doesn't normally mean "red", but black or brown. I suppose it *could* mean *dark* red but then one would usually specify "dark red" or perhaps "auburn". Dark (black/brown) hair and grey eyes is very evocative of Elrond's kinsmen, and although Elrond and his sons are accounted for (and neither of the Twins have kids - yet), I suppose we could be looking at an ancestor of theirs. So:

Earendil was blond.
Tuor was a Man, so no go there. (And also blond, as were his House in general). Barking up the wrong branch of the family tree, so let me back up and head up Elwing's side.

Dior was in all probability dark-haired and grey-eyed. It could be him. It might also be one of his twin sons, though we know from EI that they were indeed dead and in Mandos when Glorfindel was (although I assume they've been Reborn for some time by now), so they'd have had to be sent back by way of Vingilot. (Ditto for Dior, of course.)

Elu was silver-haired; the dark hair came from Melian, so it's not Elu.

Going back to Earendil's side of the family, though: While Idril was (if I remember rightly) golden-haired, her father Turgon, and grandfather Nolofinwe/Fingolfin may not have been. We know Alex has met Turgon (and that went so well, didn't it *snicker*) but I'm not sure whether he met Nolofinwe. If he did, I think it would only have been for the brief visit to Wiseman and that wasn't long.

However, FINWE was dark-haired for certain - as was his son, the famed loremaster and language-inventor, Curufinwe Feanaro Finwion. Feanor.

*suspicious look in Atto's general direction* Could *Feanor* have possibly been Reborn by now? "Red" in Quenya is "carnė" ("curu" is "skill") but could "Redelfs" be taken as, less literally, "Fiery Elf"? *thoughtful look*

Imagine Feanor, the master of languages, meeting Alex the Intelligence Officer turned language student and being somewhat of a loremaster in Elven languages himself! I definitely remember the first "intelligence officer" with aspirations to being a loremaster (well, it was honestly the other way around, but not to Feanor) the then-crown prince ever met in Atto Fiondil's work and Feanaro was NOT thrilled with him. Speaking of which, if Redelfs IS, imagine the fireworks THAT will create.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/8/2017
Well it looks like you can take the spy, oops Intelligence Officer out of the game but you can't take the game out of the Intelligence Officer! I have a feeling Alex's Elf side recognized Professor Redelfs from the dim and distant past but was unable to make the connection, maybe it will come to him later.

Artelemnar was asking who sent the termination order, look no further than a certain Arch Angle, name begins with 'R', on special assignment from the Timeless Halls, mentioned some thing about flying a plane, last chapter but one?


UTfrog Reviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/8/2017
Oooh getting better and better. Thank you.

Artelemnar FėanestarReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/8/2017
Glad that Anne is safe and has befriended Celebrķan and Elrond so quickly.

Prof. Redelfs intrigues me. If I were him, I'd be shocked too if a mortal suddenly started speaking Sindarin to me.

I'm still wondering who sent that terminaton order. Has Redelfs', with his sudden appearance, got anything to do with that, maybe?

I really want to be in that class. I've created a language before, but I didn't put this much thought into it. Sounds like I could benefit from joining Alex in his studies. If only I could jump into this story...

Great chapter, as always!

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/8/2017
Get well soon! xoxo

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