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Reunion in Mirkwood  by Mirkwoodmaiden 28 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 20 on 8/31/2021
I admit to not having started this one yet... But it's so good to see you post a new chapter! I've been thinking of you but too overloaded at work to write or even read much over the summer. Still, I see there's a chapter in Éowyn's story that I haven't read yet (how far will that one go? all the way to Faramir?).

As far as my postings go, I have half a chapter of Bill the Pony's tale typed in (and half a chapter of the puppy story as well, as well as a couple more chapters of "Farry and Ferdi Go to Gondor" written. But nothing ready to post). I was going to spend the next few days soaking in fanfic... but then work called this morning. Yikes. In any event, (((hugs))) and I hope this finds you and yours well.

Author Reply: Lindelea!

SO lovely to hear from you! Me and mine are well. Work and life have slowed down my writing! About Eowyn's story, ye it will join up with "Bound by Duty; Bound by Joy" Faramir's story. So looking foward to more of your stories!

Be Safe!



NurayyReviewed Chapter: 20 on 8/30/2021
Dear Mirkwoodmaiden
After reading 'The Heir Apparent' it was so nice to see a part in here as a memory.
And there is still so much pain and guilt felt by Legolas. It is not easy to bear if I think of how long and through how many trials he will still have to carry it before he will return home. But maybe some healing may come on the way... Although I think it will still be heavy on both sides.
Stay safe and well!

Author Reply: Nurayy!

So happy to see your review! I really thought that portion of the "Heir Apparent" belonged as a memory here. I try to write all my stories within the same framework or timeline. It can be a little limiting but I also like having a world (inside Tolkien's world) where my stories exist and are connected. "Destiny's Child" is happening on a parallel track to this story.

Legolas does still carry pain as does Thranduil but they both still have to function within their world. Emotional healing is not a linear thing, we all have setbacks. It is how we deal with them. Healing will come and both will be the better for it. How I don't quite yet know as I have not written those chapters! :-D but I do have some ideas.

Thanks again!

be well!



demeter dReviewed Chapter: 19 on 6/28/2021
There is a feeling all through this chapter of slowly getting ready, of step by step building to, well, something big to come. Dalaria's emotional support and advice, Legolas's old friends giving him love and support in small, ordinary ways as they always did, they feel like small steps to help him prepare. And if Legolas's friends had any doubt of it, I think the Twins's news will show them that they really are part of a bigger picture. And Glorfindel has already gone west to find Aragorn? All of the pieces are coming together now.

Author Reply: demeter d!

So glad to know you are still hanging with this story! Yeah!! And yes it has been a slow process and yes this last chapter saw advancement of what will become Legolas' destiny, far away Mirkwood and all he has grown and known. Sometimes our destiny leads us away from where we thought we would go.

Legolas will never again live in Mirkwood and know the life he knew before, be the little brother and dutiful son. But life is about change and how we deal with it. Thranduil will have to deal with that and he will.

And yes things are coming to a head. Glorfindel has gone to find Aragorn and the hobbits. It is October 3018 and things are now afoot!!

Thank for reading and responding!

Be well!



NurayyReviewed Chapter: 19 on 6/25/2021
Dear Mirkwoodmaiden
Finally they arrive to Imladris. I was looking forward to this moment.
I loved the comparison of Legolas to his father, how some traits remind of Thranduil, but still he remains himself in his own indistiguishable, open personality.
I always like the banter between the friends and between Erthion and Vivelle especially.
Vivelle is such a good friend. And her conflict between the healer and the friend is very clear and also understandable. It is not easy at all to separate those roles, when the emotions are strong.
Take care, be well. Hugs

Author Reply: Nurayy!!

Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your review, It has been a hectic last few days, but thank you once again for reading and responding! I have tried to show flashes of Thranduil within Legolas. He is his father's son he has not always recognised how much. But he is changing, emerging from that cocoon of protection his father tried to wrap him up in. Yes his father's reasons were based in love, but it has still been a cocoon. Legolas won't ever be the same.

I have really enjoyed the building the relationships between the four elves, which also make it difficult for Legolas to convince them to go back to Mirkwood. I haven't that yet so I really don't know how I am going to handle that!

So happy you are still reading!

Be well!



NurayyReviewed Chapter: 18 on 4/9/2021
Dear Mirkwoodmaiden
So good that you included the Beornings in your story. I love how open and direct you show them. Dalaria is so wise and caring, and it is so good how with her way she insists and in the end helps Legolas. She reminds me of somehow of Holdlith in Destiny's Child.
And Daria is so sweet.
The nightmare is really sad.
I like the respect and high regard those people have for Thranduil, and how they bring it to his son.
Take care, stay safe

Author Reply: Nurayy!

Hello! I was looking for something to happen in the Misty Mountains on their way to Imladris and as I was reading my research said that the Beornings held the High Pass open during the Ring War and the High Pass was the route our four intrepid elves were taking so they were going to cross paths. Also somewhere I read that they had fought alongside Thranduil in Northern Mirkwood so there you have it. The Beornings respect strength and skill at arms which Thranduil most definitely has.

Beorn seems a straight forward character in the book and the Hobbit films so I made them a very direct people. You live in the mountains there is no time for beating around the bush!

Dalaria is definitely a wise-woman. Much in the same mold as Holdlith. These omen see more, they pay attention to the world around them and to people. They carry their empathy with them as a way to heal.

I wanted to somehow to make reference to Legolas' mum but I was unsure how until this little section just kinda wrote itself.

Thanks for writing!

Stay safe!


MM (the fully vaccinated!!)

NurayyReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/7/2021
I liked it how you described Legolas' connection to the wood. How he feels the joy in it, and also the sadness and where the trees are marred by the darkness.
A touching moment was when Sadron gave him the pendant as a reminder of home, carrying the joy of the wood in it. It was sweet that he gave him his since his father did not get the chance to give this blessing to him. Thranduil would be so glad and grateful for this gesture of a caring big brother. And he does care so much. I could feel again how hard it was to him to let his little brother go into possible danger, to let him go and let him grow.
The part where he let the sound of the river and the sky full of stars soothe his heart was very peaceful.
The sadness at the memory of when his mother was taken is so tragic. It changed their lives and will always be felt.
And you refer to some past events involving Aragorn. I might go and find out what relationship already exists between them.
Take care

Author Reply: Nurayy!

Thanks and I pondered what it would be like to have that connection cut off when it was as natural as breathing.

It will mean a lot to Thranduil to know that Legolas has at least his brother's pendant.

It is hard for Sadron. He is Legolas' big brother and wants to protect him as he always has, but he knows he has to let Legolas go knowing as you say to "let him Grow..."

I pondered how would Legolas would see and feel about a wide open sky full of stars. I figured they would at least partially bring him peace. Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans. They all fill me with comfort and I thought it might be the same for Legolas. :-)

The story "The Heir Apparent" where Aragon and Legolas meet is when Estel is only 15. The first 8 chapter deal with Arathorn and Gilraen and litte Estel. After that it is set in Imladris!

Thank you so much for writing! Hope you do check out "The Heir Apparent"

Stay Safe!



NurayyReviewed Chapter: 16 on 2/5/2021
Dear Mirkwoodmaiden
Let me leave this here also...
I enjoyed the lightness that the teasing between Erthion and Vivelle brings.
Seeing Thranduil so shaken by the letter was moving. I like to see the way the feelings break through his usually regal, composed facade. I loved as that tear streaked his face, a beautiful touching image.
Legolas' visions might be disconcerting and confusing to him, but they bring also a sense of peace and guidance. To me they are beautiful to read.
Stay safe

Author Reply: Nurayy!!

I couldn't if I responded on so I am replying here as well. And I will post this there too. I do love the personalities Legolas' friends have developed. And they do lighten his spirits greatly.

So much of how I write Thranduil is so influenced by Lee Pace's absolutely moving portrayal of Thranduil in the Hobbit films. I love his portrayal because when I was writing Thranduil in my later chapters of "The Heir Apparent" about Aragorn's young life as Estel the way he plays him was exactly how I imagined him as I was writing him ten years earlier! There is a regal calm but so much raging emotion just below the surface. Thranduil would hide his tears, even to his own son. The two tears the only hint at the maelstrom of pain within.

Thank you for what you say about Legolas. You write about the soulfulness of the Elves so well that what you say about my writing makes me very happy! I am trying to sketch the gradual growth of Legolas throughout the chapters to arrive at the cheery and confident elf who becomes one of the Nine Walkers.

Thanks so much for the thoughts. You know they mean a lot to me. :-)

Stay Safe, Mellon Nin!



EllynnReviewed Chapter: 16 on 2/3/2021
it's a great pleasure to beta this! :) <3

Author Reply: Ellynn!

I am so happy to hear that! So...what did you think...? Yes I am shamelessly asking for a review! LOL!!

Stay Safe, mellon nin!



demeter dReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/19/2020
The thing that most came to mind as I read your last three chapters or so is, their creator is beginning to use these first-born children as part of a much greater plan, one whose ultimate end is now so shrouded in the mists of possibilities that even Mithrander can not see far ahead! Legolas and his troubled father are learning to forgive each other their errors in judgement, and to depend upon each other for the emotional support they will desperately need in the coming months. Why, tho, do I get the impression that our Leaf and his personal bodyguards will now leave directly from Sadron's holding to Imladris? If they do, then the letters of forgiveness will truly be the last tie the father and son will have until the end of the up-coming war! No wonder Thran was so anxious for his son's return. One more bit. I did not go back and check which chapter it was in, but Legolas woke to see Vivelle and her husband asleep in each other's arms. You said something about Legolas once having someone who fit like that, but she was taken from him. Is that in one of your earlier stories? If so, which one please? I freely admit I have not read many of yours. But now that I have discovered this one, I am trying to catch up some of yoour older ones.

Author Reply: Demeter d!

Thank you for the long and thoughtful review. When I write I have only a vague notion of where I want the story to go. As I write that is when I discover where the story is taking the characters which is sometimes off in a slightly different direction than I had planned. Mithrandir cannot see all ends and while I am writing the story I know how I want it to end. In the writing of the chapters will determine how I get to that end. You are right. Legolas, Erthion, Navedir and Vivelle will leave from Sadron's holding for Imladris. Legolas and Thranduil will not see each other again until the end of the Ring War and the events after the war.

It was originally my intent that they would have had no communication, letters or otherwise until they met again after the War, but in the writing of the chapters I had brought the two of them to such an emotional pass that neither could properly see to their respective responsibilities without at least some form of forgiveness and healing, hence the letters. But Sadron is right. When Legolas leaves their lives will never be the same.

In LOTR, Legolas never does come back to Mirkwood to live permanently. He will go to Ithilien to live and then take Ship for the West. It is why in my story he is the youngest of three brothers. Celebren is the heir and Sadron is the "spare" as in the way the English talk about their own royal family line of succession. Legolas is free to chose his own path which is divergent from Mirkwood. But that does not mean there won't be joy in reunion even if things have changed. How I don't I have written those chapters yet!

You ask about when Legolas seeing Vivelle and Erthion sleeping. That is unfortunately a story I haven't written yet, but I will. It will also speak to to why Legolas is free leave Mirkwood. His great love already awaits in the Halls of Mandos and Tolkien Elves love only once, with only a few very notable exceptions.

Thanks again for writing!

Stay Safe!


Author Reply: Wanted to also mention that Legolas and Thranduil are learning to forgive one another. Their problems stem from the fact that they love maybe too much and each wanted to save the other from hurt which in the end hurt both of them. Relationship are messy and very rarely clean cut but the love does remain within both of them.

MM :-)

eliza61Reviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/19/2020
Great chapter MM, I have to say you have great writing, I can imagine Sadrons little fiefdom and the supporting characters all have "personalities".
Poor Legolas, kids got hundred emotions running around his head, some times becoming an adult sucks royally, knowing you have to do something you really prefer not to. I did giggle when he got testy over the treatment of his adar, so like family. You are allowed to criticize them by. woe to the outsider that does it.

can't wait for the next chapter.

Be safe mellon

Author Reply: Eliza!

Thanks for writing! I have had a lot of fun creating Sadron's little enclave. And yes poor Legolas has so much going on his head and he isn't quite sure how to figure it all out. He will somehow find a way. It really is a journey of growth and discovery he is on. One that he never expected. He will face his demons and he will succeed. How yet I'm not sure! Really glad you are enjoying the story!

Stay Safe. Mellon nin!


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