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Relapse  by Periantari 11 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 4/13/2024
That was a moving ceremony.

From personal experience, I put my Dad's clothes (the ones he wore on that last trip to the hospital) in a box and shoved it behind some other boxes for years before I was finally able to deal with them. Follow-up can be so difficult.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/9/2024
Stealing a dinner break to read a chapter. (Food for the imagination as well as the body.) Poor Faramir. Any reminder of his fever dreams has got to be awful. Give the man athelas, for crying out loud!

Your descriptions of Denethor remind me why I have almost felt a compulsion to describe him as "healed" in the Halls of Mandos, able to see everything clearly, regret his past actions that harmed others, find clarity, learn from his review of his life as a lesson set for him by a compassionate, benevolent Ilúvatar before his ultimate departure from Arda and Eä. Why would he take his own life like that? Alas, poor Denethor. He was dealing with powers beyond his human capacity.

As a parallel topic, Frodo claimed the Ring in the end... He's only remembered as a hero because the Ring went into the Fire (and not as a result of that hobbit's act of will; there was probably no way he'd be able to consciously throw the Ring into the Fire; thus, the story sets up Pity as the ultimate saving force). He's remembered because the Quest succeeded, and the Dark Lord was defeated. In his Letters, JRRT mentions that Frodo believed he had failed. (If I were able to argue with Frodo, I'd point out that his struggle paved the way for the Ring to go into the Fire. Without Frodo, ME would have fallen to darkness. He got the Ring all the way to the Fire... opening the door for Fate to carry it the rest of the way. More or less.)

Oh dear, hidden bottles. Not a good sign. I also remember from a lecture dim in my memory that alcohol amplifies whatever you're feeling. If you're depressed, alcohol is likely to deepen the depression. Or something like that. Adding insult to injury, using alcohol to sleep actually disrupts the sleep cycle.

An Éowyn-Faramir support group? Sounds effective.

Hah. Coffee has much the same effect on me; I can power through all kinds of tasks with its help. Unfortunately, though, I've reached the point in life where it keeps me up at night. Bummer.

Author Reply: Denethor is a complex character and it's easy to dismiss him as cold and not understanding of his sons but i think he was not like that at all-- movies did him a disservice but books were more three dimensional even though Tolkien didn't seem to hold him in a positive light either when it had to do with politics. I think the palantir really overthrew his mind and grief made him think unclearly at the end. He did care about Faramir at the end but Faramir would never know that unfortunately even though we can say from other characters that Denethor did care. It is interesting how to write more about how Faramir thought about his father's death.

Regarding Frodo, glad you mention his letters because in Letter 246 Tolkien does say Frodo has failed but he did not fail as being a vessel to bring the Ring to Mount Doom and his only contract to everyone was to bring as far as he could. And he did that. I must quote my favorite part of favorite letter.
“Frodo undertook his quest out of love—to save the world he knew from disaster at his own expense, if he could; and also in complete humility, acknowledging that he was wholly inadequate to the task. His real contract was only to do what he could, to try to find a way, and to go as far on the road as his strength of mind and body allowed. He did that .”
~Letter #246, Letters of JRR Tolkien

I do think depression and PTSD makes you think unclearly on what can "make you feel better" so i do think alcohol and other substance abuse could be a real thing here...

i love coffee too and drink it as much as i am allowed. haha

thanks for your thoughts!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/9/2024
“Why …can’t …I control this?”

It would be so difficult for Faramir to admit this "weakness", especially to those he reverences so much. I'm enjoying the calm comfort Imrahil and Aragorn are conveying, and I'm sure Faramir is too. :)

Author Reply: thank you! Yes, i feel like many of us do not like to yield to "weakness" and Faramir is no exception.
I do like calming comfort as well and think that's the best part of h/c =)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/8/2024
Here is a new chapter, and I left off at chapter 2! I am working on a special project this week (and here I thought I'd retired...), but I'm glad to see this at the top of the home page as a reminder I need to read further.

Looking forward to more reading a few days from now...


Author Reply: Thank you for keeping this in your to read list. :) appreciate that!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/25/2024
At least he now knows. However, I suspect it's added to his distress more than alleviating it.

Author Reply: Yes, there are different author's take on when this news was given to Faramir and i thought post-Quest with the hobbits made sense. I'm sure it opened up some distressing thoughts from Faramir though and we do not get any fic about it much.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/25/2024
He's as reluctant as anyone to admit how he really feels,I note.

Author Reply: I think there was such a busy time from the King returning, duties and "moving on" there's not time to process and admit what one may feel.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/25/2024
Am looking forward to reading this. I've had similar feelings about several characters, as you probably realized.

Author Reply: Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts. :)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/14/2024
I think Faramir might be on the right track here. At least, I find that hobbits generally lift my spirits.

(I love protective Sam and perceptive Frodo...)

The palantir… Even the slight mention of that made Faramir feel queasy and his heartbeat increased.
I should imagine Pippin would have quite a similar reaction. And poor Pippin, having to recount such a tale.

Merry warning Faramir about dreams is interesting. I'm glad he's better now. (But alas, poor Faramir!)

Looking forward to reading more, and I'm so glad you are still posting new chapters!

Author Reply: Thanks so much! I liked writing this hobbity chapter as well. Bookverse did say that Faramir found out later and i think it made sense for Pippin to break the news.
The Black Breath is a foreshadowing of things to come.
Thanks for reading and reviewing! =)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/6/2024
The hollowness inside, and the unbearable cost, yes, that rings true.

I love Elessar's persistence and the healing in his touch. (And a bit of Pippin-angst to season the pot!)
What is Faramir hiding? How will the Healer-King deal with it when it comes to a head?

Looking forward to reading more, hopefully tomorrow.

Author Reply: Thanks so much! I think i love just Faramir care in general post Quest and we do not get too much of that.
Elessar healing always makes me want more of that fic as well. :)
Thank you for your review! =)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/6/2024
Still up at 3 a.m. (Why? No answer cometh) and putting off going to bed, I refreshed my SoA tab and saw this. It's a fascinating premise! (How I love thought-provoking gapfillers, not to mention comfort, which there's a term for [the genre, I mean], but my used-up, sleep-deprived brain is refusing to yield the right words.)

I am still winding down from work (had an editing job due at 5 a.m. so I had to finish it before I could go to bed), but I'm taking tomorrow, er, today off, and I hope to visit the chapters that come after the Prologue after a bit of sleep. Looking forward to it!

If I understood correctly, you're still in touch with Grey Wonderer? Please give her my warmest regards. Just the other day, I was thinking of those Yule stories that resurfaced every year and how much I enjoyed reading them. That wry humor. Stuck on the rooftop at Crickhollow!

I'm so glad she encouraged you. 21 chapters! Much to look forward to.

Author Reply: Thanks so much ! I am always up at weird hours also thinking about fandom stuff :) Sorry that work has you up so late! Take your time. i'll update as much as I can. :)
Yes, GW has been emailing me when RL allows and has been encouraging me a lot. Her stories are the best and i miss them too!
Thank you for your kind thoughts- it does keep me going. :)

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