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Relapse  by Periantari
What if Faramir used being busy as an excuse and cover to how he really felt during and after the time of coronation? What if PTSD weighs down on him far more than he cared to admit and others failed to notice? A story to give him some comfort from the Fellowship, Imrahil and of course Éowyn. Appearances also from Galadriel, Arwen, Legolas, Gimli, Eomer and OFC.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Author's notes2
Chapter  1: Keeping Occupied3
Chapter  2: Conversation with Hobbits2
Chapter  3: Unexpected Comfort2
Chapter  4: Ceremony for the Dead2
Chapter  5: Worries and Concerns2
Chapter  6: Conversations and Revelations2
Chapter  7: Falling4
Chapter  8: The Meaning of Dreams 4

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