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Missus Maggot's Mushrooms  by Dreamflower 11 Review(s)
sqrt(-1)Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/17/2004
I like your hobbit ladies trading recipes - it seems like something that they would do. But can Rosie read? Or has Sam taught her maybe? Although trading recipes seems hobbitish, doing so in written fashion seems like it might not always work, given that not all hobbits can read. And I like Merry and Pippin cooking better than Estella - poor lass, I feel her pain. My whole family cooks better than me, even my "baby" sister.

Author Reply: I'm sure that Sam has taught Rosie to read. It's too important to him for him not to. And you'll notice *Estella* wrote the recipe down, not Mrs. Maggot--I would guess she wrote it down word for word as it was dictated. (Of course, Estella would be able to read and write, being in the upper class.)

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