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The Care and Feeding of Hobbits  by Baylor 14 Review(s)
Rose GamgeeReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/5/2004
*bursts into tears*

This is without a doubt one of the best fan fics I've ever read. I've always wished there were more stories concerning the relationships between all the members of the Fellowship, and I'm so glad I've found one as wonderful as this to read. You really are an amazing writer, and your love of the characters shines through all too clearly in this story.

Chapter 1: Heehee, what a delightful beginning. You've already managed to establish the relationships between the hobbits, how they interact with each other and such. And it also does a good job of showing Boromir's early impressions of them. And of course, the images that are conjured up are just adorable: "'Oh, no you don't, lads, I'm sleeping.' His hand appears from beneath his reclaimed covers and latches onto Pippin's shoulder. A hard jerk, and Pippin hits the ground with a "whump!", and then Frodo flicks his wrist and the youngest hobbit disappears from view beneath a blanket."

Chapter 2: Could not stop laughing during this chapter. Poor Legolas... And YES! Lessons in hobbit genealogy! I have a bizarre fascination with the hobbit family trees in the appendicies, so I adored this chapter. Hehehe, it was so much fun to listen to Merry talking the other Fellowship members through his numerous relations.

Chapter 3: You've done such a good job of showing the details of the hobbits' relationships with each other, especially Merry and Pippin. You've portrayed Merry perfectly, as the caring and protective older cousin. And you also did a good job describing the workings of the hobbit social structure.

Chapter 4: I absolutely ADORED this chapter. I've always been really interested in the relationship between Boromir and Faramir, so I was very pleased with what you wrote about it. It was so sweet the way Pippin reminded Boromir of his brother, and it was great to get some insight into Boromir and Faramir's childhood. "We finish the rest of our watch in silence, watching the snow turn the world beautiful again." *siiigh*

Chapter 5: *giggles* Loved the opening, with Boromir landing flat on his face and Legolas falling right on top of him. Pippin was so perfect in this chapter... it's so like him to trust Boromir like that. Very sweet.

Chapter 6: Oh, this chapter was *extremely* sweet. I love how Boromir is realizing more and more just how amazing these hobbits are and how much he wants to look after them.

Chapter 7: It's great to see the Fellowship really coming together here (had a lot of that in the previous chapter, too). And poor Pippin... but he bounced back, as only a hobbit could. :)

Chapter 8: You had a lot of good insight in this chapter. It's good to see Boromir learning so much from the hobbits, about how they handle and overcome their grief: "Yet it seems the wise are called the wise for good reason, for here I lay, plagued by grief and hopelessness, while mere feet away my small companions make their own peace with grief and turn dauntless faces toward hopelessness."

Chapter 9: Ahh, even more insight. You did a great job describing the roles that each of the hobbits fit into with regards to Frodo.

(I'm just sounding more and more redundant with each chapter, aren't I?)

Chapter 10: Still *more* wonderful insight. How do you do it? Seriously, you get into Boromir's head so well, and his observations of the hobbits (and the rest of the Fellowship) are perfect. That one paragraph where he was watching the others - Legolas humming, Pippin with his head in Frodo's lap, etc. - was so peaceful and beautiful, it almost made me forget what was to come in the story.

Epilogue: I was so glad that Faramir played a role in this story. It's so fitting, the perfect closure to a tale told by his brother. "The evil in the east has poured itself over the beauty of night, and at first I cannot detect a single light from above. Then, to the south and east, down the river and toward the sea, I find a single glimmering star, valiantly beating back the dark mantle that hangs over all the lands." Just beautiful.

Okay, sorry for rambling and for making this review so long... but this really is such a tremendous story, both entertaining and heartbreaking, and all-around satisfying. Thanks so much for writing this! :)

powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/17/2003
I think out of all your stories so far this is the one I adore MOST!!! and I haven't even finished reading it yet. I started it late last night, but only got to this chapter. I love how you have Boromir observe and describe how all the hobbits are interacting with each other. This is a very enjoyable fic, well-written, and I can't wait to see whatelse happens!

Le RouretReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/7/2003
That was very beautiful. I loved the view of the hobbits from Boromir's perspective -- it's unusual for him to be portrayed so kindly; most people paint him as an arrogant bastard. Thank you for giving him his dignity back.

And thanks for that last chapter -- just to let you know, you made me cry!

MirielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2003
Hmm...poor hobbits. Can' t get the proper amount of sleep. I'm curious though, at the end, why do Merry and Pippin freeze, and Frodo say "Oh no you don't lads, I'm sleeping?" What evil deed were they going to do?

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