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Turnabout  by Ariel 17 Review(s)
lovethosehobbitsReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/16/2005
Oh My God!! She's back!!! I have been thinking alot about you the last few months wondering what had so rudely taken you from us. It is so good to see you back here again and a new story taboot! Love this fic already .... your gift for capturing and holding your audience has not left you. You have been sorely missed but now I hope we will be hearing and reading more of you. tree

Author Reply:


I was actually not gone, just trying to get this silly thing finished before I posted it. I am so bloody slow! LOL! I was also trying to get caught up on some fics I have fallen sorely behind on (like yours!) but I will be posting the rest of this very soon, as soon as I have the last chapter back from my beta!

EsamenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/16/2005
Oh, glorious! You go, Ariel! I wouldn't call this "gratuitous h/c." I call it awesome writing. You've got it all going on. Go deep and plumb those marvelous characters and emotions . . . go fast and give us all that action . . . and please don't forget lots of h/c for my beloved blue-eyed hero . . . I can't wait for the next update! Please go back to your keyboard right now.

Thanks for a great first chapter,


Author Reply:

Actually, it is written, it all is. I am just waiting on a beta of the last chapter. I figured that just waiting till I had the story finished before posting any of it would be a smarter way to go, especially considering how bloody LONG it takes me to write anything! LOL!

Glad you like it and I will put the rest up post haste!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/16/2005
Oh, I'm *so* glad you decided to post this here! It's such a lovely story! Well worth re-reading, and if it *is* gratuitous h/c, it is very well-written gratuituous h/c!!

Author Reply:

heheheheh... Weeeelllll, as per usual, it kind of got less gratuitous as time went on. I am told the last chapter is 'powerful' so, we shall see. It was entirely intended to be gratuitous, but I guess I didn't quite escape the gravity of 'meaning' and 'purpose'. I will just have to try again.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/16/2005
I must have missed this on the challenge site, but I am glad to have found it here. All that lose stone from the battle and now Merry and Frodo are trapped. I hope Gimli has a rescue planned. This is very good. I love Merry's efforts at humor in all of this and Frodo trying to take care of his cousin.

Author Reply: Yippe! Yep, it was on the challenge site but on the second page. Don't sweat it, there were stories on that site I still haven't gotten to either! I don't know how some of these people do it!

LilyBagginsReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/16/2005
I'm loving this... I'm a sucker for Frodo h/c, as you well know, but there's so little of it involving freak accidents and injuries and such.

Perhaps this is generally a Merry h/c story, but knowing you and your Frodo writing, I'm hoping for at least a little injury/discomfort to Frodo, too, in the bargain. :)

Can't wait for more!

Author Reply:


Well, you do know me and my Frodo writing - I can't write something that is completely Frodo h/c free, can I? hehehehe You just wait till the next chapter. ;)

Elendiari22Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/15/2005
This is wonderfully intense. It's interesting to think about certain parts of Minas Tirith being unsafe; it's something that not many fanfic writers think about. I like that Frodo is the strong one in this situation. I'm worried about Merry, and I can't wait to see where you go with this. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author Reply:

Strong Frodo is my passion - and I love writing him! He will be very strong in this one, especially at the end. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/15/2005
O man.

Completely gratuitous h/c
Y'know, sometimes this kind of thing is called for. I mean, really. And Merry h/c in the bargain. And even better, in a stolen moment I just happened to click on SoA to see what was new and saw this.

You've made my day.

Am I shallow, or what?

Completely gratuitous h/c Not just for breakfast anymore.

Author Reply:


Oh, yes! And the way I usually snarf it up, I can't be any deeper than a puddle! LOL!

But yes, sometimes this kind of thing IS called for! Frodo always ends up flat on his back (ahem), I figured it was time to give Merry a shot at it!


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