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Benison  by annmarwalk 12 Review(s)
Loremaster of AnorienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/1/2005
Sweet. That pretty much sums this fic up. I loved your characterization of Eowyn. We often see her as this tough warrior and forget that she is still a woman at heart. You added another dimension to her personality. Well-done. And your musings on the fact that both of Eowyn's and Faramir's mothers died when they were very young, hence they never really knew them was nicely thought out. I like the fact you made Denethor and Finduilas's family life loving. The emotion was sweet without being sappy. Ah, long live families and home!

Author Reply: Thank you for your generous comments. I have always enjoyed Eowyn, but have not thought much about the other dimensions of her character, post-war, until fairly recently. There must have been tremendous adjustments, not only for her, but for all the people of Middle-Earth, who had lived for so long under a shadow.

Though she would not have forgotten what it was like to be a shieldmaiden, I think she would have found sweet relief, really, in the simple life of wife and mother (even if her life, as the Steward's Lady, would not have been entirely simple)

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/1/2005
Beautiful. That is such a touching point of connection between Eowyn and Finduilas.

Author Reply: Thank you! I had great pleasure writing it, inspired by the dear friend and exquisitely talented writer, Aliana, in whose honor it was written.

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