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If I had a Hammer  by Grey Wonderer 12 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/28/2005
"You were only six. Besides, I built a cart without any brakes," Merry laughed. "I almost got us both killed. You seem to be forgetting that part of it."

"It didnít have any brakes did it?" Pippin said looking slightly cheered by this thought. He had forgotten about that. Merry hadn't given the cart any brakes.

What a wonderful conversation. How lovely that all of this is out in the open, and Pippin knows that his older cousins are proud of him.

Author Reply: One problem solved and a few more to go. I simply couldn't let Merry and Pippin argue any longer. I'm glad that you liked this conversation. I re-worked it several times before posting it. Thanks for the lovely review!

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/28/2005
I adore this story! This chapter is my new favorite. Finally Merry and Pippin talked and worked through their problems. I especially love Merry's lists of their various accomplishments *giggle* I can't wait for the next update :D

Author Reply: Thank you and one of the 'accomplishments' seems to be turning into its own plot bunny this evening. The more I think on it, the more I realize that it is wanting a story all its own. I have to finish this one first though. Glad you are enjoying this!

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