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Meriadoc The Magnificent and The Boss  by Grey Wonderer 13 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/20/2006
Pippin was sound asleep with his tiny son in his arms. Faramir was sleeping in the strange way that little babies have, knees drawn to his chest and tiny bum in the air. His thumb was in his mouth and a hand full of Pippin’s unruly curls in his other fist. Pippin had one arm around the baby and was completely relaxed in every other respect. “Now, that’s much better,” Merry whispered to himself. “I have yet to meet the Took that I can best in a fair fight. I got three in one afternoon. Not a bad day’s effort.”
“Sam,” Rose hissed. “It’s one child.” She rolled her eyes and sighed looking disgusted.

“Merry’s right, Rosie,” Sam said. “It’s only one but it’s a Took child and worse still, it’s being raised up by not one, but two Tooks. One Took is like eight or ten Gamgees.”


I love how Merry is passing along his hard-won experience. The Took household is going to be so much more calm and well rested and... quiet!


Author Reply: Yes Merry is doing his good deed for the week on this one. Nothing like having someone turn up who knows how to handle things, is there? Thank you for reading and I am glad that you liked it.

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/20/2006
Heehee! I like how Merry called wee Faramir "The Boss." It's funny how a baby comes in and takes over! But poor Pippin, so exhausted and being pulled from all directions. I'm glad Merry was there to help. I also liked the description of miserably pregnant Pervinca. Poor Merry, having to deal with that!

(You ought to post this to wee_hobbits, you know)


Author Reply: I have known women like Pervinca. They love their childern dearly but can't stand being pregnant. I figured with that many sisters, one of Pippin's had to be a terror to be around while she was 'carrying'. LOL
I thought Faramir should have a nickname from his Uncle Merry and I didn't want to use any that were already in use such as Farry, Fam, etc, so I decided to let Faramir's nickname come from something he did and not his full correct name. Glad you liked it!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/20/2006
I really enjoyed this GW. My heart goes out to Pippin and Diamond. I loved your description of a sleeping baby even though I feel that 'butt' may be a little too American for my tastes in a story about hobbits. (Not a flame, dear GW! Well, may be just a tiny wisp of smoke)*g*

Author Reply: Glad you enjoyed it. In order to avoid the flames that might come in future reviews I have changed the word 'butt' to 'bum' which I do believe is a wee bit more British. LOL I thank you for the correction. I truly didn't notice it when I was writing this down. Sometimes, try though I might, my American-isms sneak out. Thank you for helping me to put out the fire before things got out of hand. As always, thank you for reviewing and for reading, and in this case, for putting out the fire.

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