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Testaments of the Past  by Dreamflower 113 Review(s)
ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 141 on 6/2/2006
This neat I cant wait to see!!

Author Reply: Thanks! *grin*

Lotrgirl1415Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 6/2/2006
I love you...or rather I Love the plot of this story...I can feel that this will be a most excellent collaborative story.
I am rather interested in where this story is to go. Many Fanfiction writers don’t have a very well written beginning chapter to their story but this one-this one this one tinkled me pink. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sweet simple line “Merry and Pippin watched the posthobbit trot off down the lane.”
I didn’t necessarily think it was funny…but…if you were the reader and you read this imagining the look on Merry and Pippin’s faces as they might watch the posthobbit trot off the lane.
Personally I always imagine Merry and Pippin making rather amusing faces as they do simple things, such as they did in the movies. lol
For some reason I saw them as glancing at the posthobbit with their mouths slightly open with glazed eyes.... But I suppose I shouldn’t get in to probably think I'm strange
Sorry I didn’t mean to tell you my life story in this review so I shall leave you with the thoughts of the future chapters of this story.

I think this will be a sad/beautiful/heartwarming tale (after some angst ^-^) and I am looking forward to reading his story further.
I’ll try to not be so weird next review.^-^
I do hope there will be an update soon.
Till we meet again

Author Reply: I hope that the story will live up to all your expectations.

As to Merry and Pippin, and the posthobbit--I never thought of it quite that way before!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 6/2/2006
A most intriguing beginning! I'm curious to see where this goes.

Author Reply: We are very excited about this!

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