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Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners  by Dreamflower 14 Review(s)
Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/20/2016
My Dear Miss Dora,

The Reminder of Proper Manners at Special Events is quite Timely. I have recently joined an Organization known as the SCA (Your Estimable Scribe can explain it better than I can, I am sure). They have many Celebrations, including particular Gatherings to Establish the Leaders of their Regions (They are...elected, after a fashion, I Suppose.) Some of the divisions of these Regions, more Local Groups are, indeed, known as Shires! Mine, however, is called a Province.

At any Rate, Knowing How to Behave at these Festivals is of the Utmost Importance. I would not like to Bring Dishonour on my Family or Friends!

Your devoted Friend and Reader,


BlJ7Utxxso2Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/26/2015
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Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/3/2009
Dear Miss Dora,

As my Schedule is so Busy with School, I have not had much Time to attend Occasions such as These. However, I do like Festivals and other Parties very much, and will keep all these in Mind for the next time I may Attend One!

(Forgive me the shorter Reply, my Ride to School shall be coming soon.)

Your Loyal Reader,

Kaylee Arafinwiel

Author Reply: My Dear Miss Kaylee,

I hope that your Ride is Prompt, so that you may be able to get such Meals as you are Allowed!

My Scribe has informed me that it is not Quite so Dreadful for Men to miss an occasional Meal as it is for a Hobbit, but I still do not think it can be a very Pleasant Experience.

I hope that once your Education is complete you will have the Opportunity for many Pleasant Social Occasions! This clearly shows the Superiority of the Hobbit way of Doing Things. Our Young People do not need to miss such Occasions in order to become Educated!

Miss Dora

Kaylee, Miss Dora is still a little worried about your eating habits, but I think I've made her understand a little better about human customs...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/18/2006
Sound advice, Miss Dora! Sound advice indeed!

Author Reply: Miss Dora Thanks You! *grin*

Anso the HobbitReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/17/2006
Oh my! You've done quite a bit of hard work putting all this together I'm sure. If all hobbits follow these rules I'm sure there won't be any troubles, now would there? :D

Author Reply: *sigh* But it's a shame that some--like the S.B.s don't follow any of the rules, isn't it?

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/16/2006
Oh, I just love this! Such Hobbity advice. I found the chapters on children to be especially interesting. It's quite amusing to see in what high regard food is held. LOL! I wonder, how does the esteemed Miss Dorra know so much about parenting when she has never even married? :) Can't wait for more!
God bless,

Author Reply: I think that food is probably the central fact of life to hobbits; they have no religion, according to JRRT, and they do have to eat about every two hours--so I would think it would be very important to them!

And Miss Dora is an aunt and a cousin--which in hobbit society would mean a good deal of input into the raising of neices and young cousins. (Think about Frodo with Merry and Pippin) Also, I think she is shrewdly observant, and keeps a sharp eye and ear out for all that goes on around her.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/24/2006
Alas, the poor old dear is a spoilsport. How can one really have the full "Spirit of Merrymaking" while trying to keep all these rules in mind! ;)

These really are such fun, Dreamflower :)

Author Reply: *grin*

I think that she is probably merely elucidating what most hobbits already know and do--only the most boorish of ill-mannered louts (Lotho, maybe?) would need to be reminded!

ElemmírëReviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/24/2006
Oh goody!! More of Miss Dora!! Yeah! (reviewing as I read again)

I like how the hobbits hold various festivals at different times, depending on where one lives. It reminds me of life here in New England. There a a few Spring flower fests; churches hold their Summer carnivals; and in the Fall there are fairs and apple/pumpkin fests galore.

I can just imagine all that good food laid out to eat at a hobbit feast. Mmmm, you're making me hungry.

Adults may choose to sit at the other Tables, or even to Carry their Plates About, and Converse as they eat standing up. At such an Event, this is not Improper. However, it is Ill-Advised, especially with a Heavily Laden Plate. It is very difficult to Juggle one’s Plate, Cutlery and Drinking Vessel while carrying on a Conversation!

That is very true!! I've had some embarrasing moments where my food has decided to jump off the plate ... no matter how much or little was on it. Give me a table and chair any day!

At the meal’s end, there is usually provided a Tent or Pavilion where those items are to be washed. This Service is generally Provided by local Tweens.

Snerk. I bet all the tweens are on their best behavior the week of such an occassion, lest they be the ones chosen to wash all those hundreds of dishes.

HeHe. So Bilbo is the 'Reliable Witness' right? I love how Dora sees him as reliable one minute and unrespectable the next as he went Adventuring.

At Weddings, there is the Custom of the Wedding Cake. In Shire Tradition, a Silver penny is baked into the Cake. If a child or tweenager, or an adult over eighty, find it, it means Good Luck--which of course is only reasonable since they are now a Penny the richer

Hmm, part of my story with Dora deals with the events of a wedding. I like the idea of this 'Shire' tradition and may have to incorporate it somehow. May I borrow it, please?

However, should an Adult behave so Rudely, there is sadly no Recourse other than a Look of Reproach.

This is a not Uncommon Occurrence when more than one Family Member share a Birthday. Under such Circumstances, the Elder byrding is considered the Main Honoree.

Somehow I just picture Bilbo letting Frodo have the first slice of birthday cake, in spite of tradition. :D

Wonderful as always, Dreamflower!!

Author Reply: Yes, that's the kind of thing I am picturing, with each local area celebrating something special to their way of doing things!

At least hobbits don't have to deal with flimsy paper plates, LOL!

That is probably quite true about the tweens. *We* know how the adults get those "volunteers" don't we?

Well, while she disaproves of his Adventure, she has no reason not to believe he is Truthful. He *is* after all, the Head of her Family.

And you are very welcome to borrow that tradition--I would love to see it pass into fanon--it's kind of a tribute to another of JRRT's tales, "Smith of Wooton Major" a lovely and rather neglected story.

Oh, you are probably right. But Bilbo and Frodo are rather special, aren't they?

I'm sorry for taking so long to reply. I missed a whole batch of reviews while I was in the hospital.

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/22/2006
Pot lucks--gotta love'em! :-)

"One may continue to return for Further Helpings until no more Food is left."

LOL, it seems Miss Dora Baggins' advice lives through to this day. ;-)

I am glad that she mentioned a "signal" at the beginning of the meal...I might have a question regarding that.

Another great chapter from Miss Dora!


Author Reply: I am finally getting around to answering reviews I missed while I was out sick.

Yes, the hobbit version of "pot luck"! And yeah, I've been to many a gathering where the guests *must* have read her advice, LOL!

Ask away!

Elanor SilmariënReviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/22/2006
This is very entertaining! I love Miss Dora's advice, it's so.... hobbity!
God bless,

Author Reply: I am trying very hard to convey the "hobbitiness" of things! Food is *very* important to hobbits. It's their central fact of life.

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