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Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners  by Dreamflower 188 Review(s)
Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/20/2016
My Dear Miss Dora, and Dreamflower,

I come at Last to the Final (Current) Chapter of your Book (which the Index informs me Ought to be Second-Last...I would Hate to think your Estimable Scribe had Misplaced It!)

Here I will Admit having given my Own Father the most Severe Cut Direct. I have Shunned him Entirely, Refusing his Presence and Forbidding him Contact of Any Sort. Our Local Authorities have Decreed It, and for nearly the Past Year, we have not Seen or Spoken to one Another. However, October (At that Point, it would be Blotmath in the Shire) Draws ever Nearer, and I must Face him to Renew this Order. I am afraid, Miss Dora. Afraid of what he'll look like. Afraid of what he'll say. Afraid of what the Courts will do. He was Shunned so Thoroughly that even Indirect Contact was not permitted - and he Broke that Rule four times. I had to call our Shirriffs (Police, as we call them) each time, but I do not Know what Happened. I Tremble to think what he will Do. If the Specter of him still Overshadows me, how can I Face him Again? Was it a Mistake for me to Shun him? And if the Court decides in His Favour, will he Hurt me Again?

I wish I did not Worry so Much, but I do not know How to Stop.

Your very worried friend and reader,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/20/2016
Dear Miss Dora (and Dreamflower,)

I do think that this information on the Writing of Letters shall prove valuable, whether by the Shire Quick Post or the newfangled even-quicker-Post (such as these letters!) I am very grateful for how neatly it has all been laid out.

Would it be Usual, if one needs Immediate Help with a Family Problem, to write a short note asking for a face to face Meeting as soon as Possible, and then to disclose the Particulars of the Matter in Person? I have a Feeling this might be So, but I wish to be Certain.

With deepest gratitude,

Your friend and reader,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/20/2016
My dear Miss Dora (and Dreamflower),

This writing on Funerals comes to my attention in a Timely Manner, as my Healer has pressed me to Consider what may Happen to me after my Mother's Passing. I Hope it is not for a Long Time yet, but should she Depart Suddenly, or Fall Ill and be Taken from me, it is Best to Know what to Do. I hope with all my Heart this Advice will not be Needed for Some Time, but I thank you for it.

Your Reader and friend,


(Dear Dreamflower,

My counselor and I have begun talking about what's likely to happen to me if/when my mother passes. We've put serious discussion on hold until after my father's restraining order hearing, at least, but we have had to begin talking about it. As I have Asperger's, CP and epilepsy, but none on their own are debilitating enough for me to get services other than Social Security disability, and very little of that, it's very much in question. Mom and I have to talk about how she's planned to provide for me, at least. It's a very uncomfortable discussion, to put it mildly. :( )

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/20/2016
Dear Miss Dora, and Dreamflower,

This is a Beautiful Chapter. Though I have no Reason to Aspire to a Wedding Yet, not having a Prospective Partner, it is to be Hoped that my Sister may Wed before Long. She and Robert have not announced their Betrothal, but they have grown so Close that our Mothers are Certainly Hoping for It, and Grandchildren to Follow. (Robert's Father is certainly wishing for Grandchildren at Least, but his Hints are more Subtle. As for our Father...his Wishes are Irrelevant. I have no more to say on That Subject.)

If Heather and Robert do Indeed Take that Final Step, I would be Proud Indeed to Pen their Announcement, in such Form as you have Shown Here.

Your faithful Reader and Friend,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/20/2016
My dear Miss Dora, and Dreamflower,

Thank you for this excellent chapter on Birthdays. I know I rambled on a bit about my Mother's Birthday in particular, so I have one question now:

As I said a few chapters ago, I feel I am 'stuck' in my Tweenage Years of development. Would it be Reasonable, do you suppose, for me to Hope that my Masters and Mistresses might Settle me, while teaching me their Crafts, and that in somewhat less than Two Years, upon my own Thirty-Third Birthday, I might hope to feel I have Come of Age? Should I then host a Coming of Age Party to share with my closest friends? I do certainly aspire toward *feeling* I am an Adult, and hope One Day I might be Treated as One. But I also Fear losing my Playful Side.

I look forward to what Advice you both might Give.

Your friend and Reader,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/20/2016
My Dear Miss Dora,

The Giving of Gifts is an Important Thing, to be Sure.

For instance, my Mother's Birthday is approaching. As you Know, it is the Custom among Big Folk to only give gifts to the byrding, rather than the other way around. Hobbits seem Far more Sensible about this. It is also Usual to Buy New Presents, except in the case of Young Children's Gifts to their Parents. Mother might have accepted Flowers or a Drawing from me when I was Young, but now she would Certainly Expect me to Buy Something. (Except that she knows I can't, so I'm going to have to give her something late.)

Luckily, my Mother Understands my Financial Situation, and Shan't be Upset. But I will give her a Birthday Card at least, and I will make it myself. I hope she will appreciate it.

In any case, as I learn more Crafts, perhaps I will be able to make handmade Gifts that will cause my Family to rethink their Stance on only Buying Gifts. (And perhaps, if they must buy things for me, it will be Cards with Certain Monetary Values that may be Traded for Goods to aid me in Buying Crafting Supplies. Those would be Most Helpful.)

Please forgive me for Rambling On, my dear Miss Dora (and Dreamflower.) It Grows Late, but I cannot Sleep without Finishing my Reread of this most Excellent Book. (I hope someday, your Estimable Scribe will permit you to Complete It!)

Your devoted Reader and friend,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/20/2016
My Dear Miss Dora (And Dreamflower! Sorry I've been leaving you out of this!!)

This Chapter on Being a Guest is something I must study Far more Intently. In the SCA, I shall Often be a Guest, if not for more than a Few Hours. Currently, I am Studying various Trades under certain Masters. I have not found one I wish to Pursue Exclusively, but perhaps Soon I Shall. Or I may just Learn Many Crafts. Whyever Not.

In Any Case, knowing how to Behave while at my Masters' and Mistresses' Homes is Extremely Important. Thank you for this Informative Chapter.

As ever,

Your friend and Reader,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/20/2016
My Dear Miss Dora,

This Chapter on the Receiving of Guests is most Interesting! I do not often have occasion to Receive Guests, but perhaps as I progress within the SCA I shall. Therefore, this is Important Information for me to know, even if I cannot Use it Yet.

Your friend and Reader,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/20/2016
My Dear Miss Dora,

The Reminder of Proper Manners at Special Events is quite Timely. I have recently joined an Organization known as the SCA (Your Estimable Scribe can explain it better than I can, I am sure). They have many Celebrations, including particular Gatherings to Establish the Leaders of their Regions (They are...elected, after a fashion, I Suppose.) Some of the divisions of these Regions, more Local Groups are, indeed, known as Shires! Mine, however, is called a Province.

At any Rate, Knowing How to Behave at these Festivals is of the Utmost Importance. I would not like to Bring Dishonour on my Family or Friends!

Your devoted Friend and Reader,


Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/20/2016
My dear Miss Dora,

I begin to think I should Copy Out the contents of this Particular Chapter onto a Separate Paper, and Place it in the Kitchen as a Reminder. I have seen Specialty Timepieces with the Six Meals of the Day marked rather than the Hours; this Also might be Useful, provided I can save the Coin for such a Purchase. Failing to Eat more than First Breakfast (or Breakfast, more usually, but quite a Small one) and Dinner is quite Inconvenient to even a Big Person's Health.

I shall Consult my Healer, and perhaps ask my Mother about acquiring such a Timepiece...

Thank you for this Timely Reminder of Proper Meals!

Your Friend and Reader,


(P.S. Dreamflower: This sort of thing)

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