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Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners  by Dreamflower 188 Review(s)
walkerskyeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/2/2010
who knew! Ann Landers and Dear Abby are Hobbits! I expect to become as devoted to Miss Dora's advice as I've been to Dear Abby's. And another dear Baggins character to get to know.

Author Reply: Why hello! It's always so delightful to hear from you! I do hope you enjoy Miss Dora's own unique and hobbity look at the Way Things Ought to Be Done!

Aunt DoraReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/28/2010
I just started reading Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners. Dreamflower, these lesson are wonderful! You've captured Dora just the way I've envisioned her.

Author Reply: I'm so glad to hear that! Even though we never actually meet her in canon, just that little bit about her when Bilbo leaves his parting gift is such a perfect snapshot of her personality: clearly one who is confident in knowing what's right, and able to tell others her opinion! The fact that Bilbo felt comfortable in giving her a humorous present shows that they must have been fond of one another, in spite of the general disapproval of Bilbo's Adventure!

I just kind of built on those hints.

rickReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/27/2010
This is great! Miss Dora and Miss Manners no doubt would get along splendidly. I notice there is not a chapter heading on your latest - is that on purpose, or to illustrate the point of the chapter?
Looking forward to the next chapter...

Author Reply: No, it was not on purpose! Apparently I missed getting it in the field when I copy-pasted the chapter into the text-box! Thank you for your sharp eyes! All fixed now!

And I am glad you think Miss Dora would get along with Miss Manners. I am a great fan of Judith Martin, and Miss Dora is partly a tribute to her!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/26/2010
Many words have changed meanings over the years, as have "receipt" and "ague" and so on. And I have often worked words used by Rosemary Sutcliff in her writing into my own fanfiction stories, as they add to the more archaic feel of the works.

And some unusual spellings are valid, no matter what the spell-checker in most word processing programs might proclaim.

Author Reply: Most certainly they have! And we are following in JRRT's own footsteps when we choose to use the more archaic forms of words-- as did he on many occasions!

Spell-checkers can do some strange things. I recall one time having to basically fight with my spellchecker to get it to stop turning the word "tourney" into "journey" (which of course made no sense!) I finally defeated it, but it was a long and frustrating struggle!

Girl-who-dislikes-silly-mistakesReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/24/2010
I really like this story, so keep up the good work! The point of this review is to tell you that you have mistakenly typed 'receipt' instead of 'recipe' at several points in this chapter. Other than that, your story is fabulous!

Author Reply: I'm so glad that you think the story is fabulous. And actually I do not mind a bit when people point out silly mistakes to me--when they are mistakes.

Actually, I used the word "reciept" on purpose. In the 19th century, the word was commonly used to mean what we mean by "recipe" nowadays. I like using old-fashioned words in my stories to help make them seem less "modern". For example, I never use the word "depressed" to describe someone's mood, I use the word "melancholy"; I don't write "stroke" or "aneurism" I write "apoplexy"; and I use "ague" instead of "flu". So if I use the word "recipe" in a story, for *me* that is a mistake!

late 14c., "statement of ingredients in a potion or medicine," from Anglo-Fr. or O.N.Fr. receite "receipt, recipe" (1304), altered (by influence of receit "he receives," from V.L. *recipit) from O.Fr. recete, from L. recepta "received," fem. pp. of recipere (see receive). Meaning "written acknowledgment of money or goods received" is from c.1600. (

When and how did the words receipt and recipe diverge in meaning? I know that Jane Austen (c. 1800) used receipt to mean what recipe now means.

Recipe appears in English in the 14th century with the sense `receive, take,' coming from the Latin imperative recipe `take,' from recipere `receive, take.' It was used in lists of ingredients for medicines and dishes, as in "Take two eggs..." Later, the lists of medicinal ingredients themselves came to be known as recipes (16th century), and then the word was applied to lists of food ingredients in the 18th century. The symbol for a prescription, Rx, comes from the use of the word recipe in the pharmaceutical sense.

Receipt was resseite `the act of receiving' in the early 14th century, reseit `a sum of money' in the about 1390, and receit `a medicinal recipe,' in 1392. It came from Anglo-Norman receite `receipt recipe,' ultimately from Latin recipere `to receive.'

Receipt lost its `recipe' sense in the 19th century.


AndreaReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/23/2010
Great chapter!

In the case of the Latter, when such Persons cannot be Politely Avoided ( for this may sometimes be the case when there are Family Connexions), it is best to Maintain One's Dignity.

The Art of Doing this was Perfected by a certain Meriadoc Brandybuck who turned an Insult into a Compliment when Lobelia S.B. called his cousin Frodo a "Brandybuck" ;-)

Author Reply: Aunt Dora says that young Meriadoc is a worthy grandson of her dear friend Menegilda, and that even at so tender an age he was well able to Defend the Family Honour! And to do it with Humour, as well!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/22/2010
I rejoice as always to acknowledge Aunt Dora's wisdom! Hooray for the old girl!

Author Reply: *grin* Aunt Dora thanks you for your kind words!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/22/2010
Dear Miss Dora,

It is Wonderful to see yet another Chapter of your Book is Finally Published! It is well for me to Know about how one might offer Apology to those I might Offend, though I would most Certainly not do so Purposely.

(Well, I can think of maybe One or Two exceptions, but your Gentle Reader assures you, Miss Dora, they Deserve being Cut.)

I am so very glad your Estimable Scribe, Dreamflower, has consented to Write More. I look forward to More CHapters soon!

Your faithful Reader,

Kaylee Arafinwiel

Author Reply: My Dear Miss Kaylee!

I am Certain that you would never Intend to Offend, and that you would Apologise Promptly and Prettily if you did so by Accident!

I do hope you never have the Need to Administer the Cut Direct to Anyone! That would be Unfortunate indeed!

Dreamflower here: Miss Dora has been pestering me a good deal lately! I am sure it will not be nearly so long before I update again!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/22/2010
I always think that your current chapter is the best, so this one is of course my current favorite! I love Aunt Dora. No wonder hobbit society is so well ordered, and it's obvious now why it's so unusual for someone to act in ways that are Other Than Expected.

Author Reply: *grin* Yes, the weight of custom and tradition are very heavy in stratified societies like the Shire! The fear of Poor Opinion would be a lot more of a deterrent than any laws might be!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/3/2009
My dear Miss Dora,

Thank you very Much for writing about the writing of Letters! I have used your Advice as much as possible in writing these Reviews for your Book. I hope that Dreamflower and yourself shall be Inspired to continue the Book, for I have enjoyed it on every reading.

Your faithful reader,

Kaylee Arafinwiel

(Who needs to finish getting ready for School as my ride shall be here any Second)

Author Reply: My dear Miss Kaylee!

I have very much enjoyed our Correspondence so far as it goes. You are a very Intelligent and Perceptive Young Person!

If I can draw my Scribe's Attention away from some of my Less Reputable Relations long enough, I am sure that I can convince her to Complete my Book of Manners! Then we may possibly Resume our Conversation!

Until such time, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Miss Dora Baggins

I have allowed myself to get sidetracked from "Miss Dora" for a while-- but never fear; she won't allow me to forget about it completely! I will definitely be finishing it up sometime in the future. Perhaps your reviews will make that happen sooner!

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