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Brotherhood  by Bodkin 21 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/18/2006
Good for the end of term! So you have more spare time and inspiration!

Another series would be a lovely idea. I bet Aagorn's childhood gave room for more than one book of anecdotes. are you setting rules in this as well?

Are you really sure you want your son to learn what it has taken us years to perfect? I can see how Gilraen may come to rue it. All posibilities and variations tested to the point of perfection...and available to her son... ;-) A daunting prospect indeed. Delightful start, Bodkin!

Author Reply: Six cheers for the end of term!

The second one has already presented itself - so there will be at least two of them. The biggest problem might be keeping my train of through chronological - but this could certainly be entertaining. The length rule will apply - but I don't know about others. I thought about not having Aragorn speak - but that's gone by the board. And I might keep it to the six already named - although might not Glorfindel's occasional appearance be rather too tempting?

Poor Aragorn had no equals in Imladris - no boys, no Men. It's quite remarkable that he grew up to be as well-balanced as he was!

Gilraen will take a while, I think, to see E2 as exasperating youths rather than elven warriors - but I'm sure they'll win her over.

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