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Brotherhood  by Bodkin 18 Review(s)
vampfan30Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
ah, the joys of parenthood... this is why I only have one - & plan on keeping it that way.
the "kids" in this story I can enjoy like an aunt - from close up, but, without the responsibility of cleaning up after the youngsters. I can send them home when done!!!!

Author Reply: They are becoming a family there in Imladris - their shared desire to raise a healthy, happy and well-balanced child is overcoming their differences. And it should be exciting - because, after all, they are all adults. And keeping track of one kid shouldn't be difficult. Should it?

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
Kitties and froggies and puppies, oh my! Such lovely childhood memories! I always loved critters when I was a kid and still do. Well, the adults are going to have their hands full, but it's nice to see the twins are learning to have fun again. And kids and their critters are a delight to watch so I imagine Gilraen will be resigned before long.....

Author Reply: Imladris must be a perfect place for a future Ranger to grow up. And the twins will introduce him to every corner of it. Trees and pools and animals of every description - and all in a safe and sheltered environment. The twins are being more uncle-like at the moment, but they are refreshing their memories of what it is like to be young - and I suspect every game they play with Estel is releasing some of the built-up crust of bitterness they have stored.

Gilraen will give in in the end, I expect - but not this time!

Idril CelebrindalReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
Oh I can't wait to read about this "Battle". LOL

Author Reply: Um. The battle hasn't been written. Although I think Gilraen won this one. Estel really is too young to look after a pet just yet. And the twins are probably not willing to be too manipulative this early in the growing family relationship.

But I'm sure there will be other battles!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
You very nicely draw the underpinning of the scene--the sense of family belonging--while most of the reader's attention is on the spoiling, er, raising of the child.

This was amusing: ‘I do my best,’

And Elrond's ambition to become an entertainer some day was priceless.

(Does Glorfindel ever have children? I forget. I have read some of your chapters of Elladan and Elrohir and Legolas in the uttermost West, but don't remember much about Glorfindel for some reason. But of course, have not yet had today's coffee, so it may be my memory is not working anyhow.)

Author Reply: Glorfindel is just such a ... glorious character! I wonder if Elrond would take joy in leading his friend's children astray ... What am I saying - of course he would!

They are moulding themselves into a family there in Imladris. While all Gilraen could see at the start was their differences, now she is beginning to recognise their similarities.

Glorfindel doesn't feature a lot in the E2L stories - but he is in Discretion and his - romantic intentions - feature in Exiled. But, as yet, he has not been gifted with children. (Well, he's not married yet.)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
No pets, hmm? Famous last words, Gilraen! She'll be helpless against the combined wiles of E3.

I like the sense of history repeating itself in this chapter - I can just hear the twins starting every sentence with 'Glorfindel says', and can guess how irritating it must be, then and now.

I'm really enjoying this series, Bodkin!


Author Reply: No pets yet, perhaps. Estel is a bit young right now - and I'm sure he'll find himself in the stables as often as he can get someone to take him there until the kittens grow. And E2 would be able to wangle a way round most things, probably.

And wouldn't they just have quoted Glorfindel at every opportunity! It must have driven their parents wild.

Thank you, Jay. I'm glad you're liking it.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
Yay! Let it flow!
Dragging in Glorfindel was very considerate, I say, or he would feel disregarded. And of course the child could not be less than awed by his powers!

This is wonderful. Surely seeing the amount of care devoted to her child will be a comofrt for Gilraen, but I loved at Elrond's veiled threat: ‘I hope – very much – that, one day, a time will come when I shall be able to provide entertainment for your children while you attempt to instruct them in the merits of hard work and responsibility.’ Now that would be an amusing tale, wouldn't it?

Author Reply: Well - Glorfindel didn't want to be left out. And can't you just see the hero-worship in Estel's eyes!

I think at first Gilraen would only have been aware of the differences between men and elves. Now - she is noticing the similarities - and those will offer her comfort in this new life.

It would be very amusing to see Glorfindel struggling with parenthood while Elrond made a point of being the provider of mischief and adventure. Very amusing indeed!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
Another wonderful chapter, Bodkin, and hilarious, too! I was snickering through the whole chapter. Oh, I loved the bickering between Elrond and Glorfindel and the way it helped Gilraen to feel more at ease in this new home and with the elves. Of course you were right in your last answer - if Arwen had been around, I doubt, too, Estel and Arwen would have fallen in love, but as Tolkien neglected the females so badly, I know only Arwen and Celebrían in Imladris. Well, I trust you can find an original character, if necessary.
And I can imagine little Estel so well, hero-worshipping the twins and the legendary balrog-slayer :) To have living legends to play with is very exciting for a little boy.

Oh, and I *love* the idea what the peredhil will do if Glorfindel ever has children of his own and hope your other stories will eventually lead to this promising plot bunny *grin*

Author Reply: Glorfindel will be a great support for Gilraen - and I do think he is very soft-hearted when it comes to women and children. While shared experience will give Elrond and Gilraen a bond that goes beyond their race.

I have a few female characters who live in Imladris - (I love reusing characters from previous stories) - Mothwen, who is a housekeeper and was widowed when Ost-in-Edhil fell, and Iavas, who is a cook - and particularly good with honey-cakes! They both appeared in A Proper Little Lady and Mothwen was mentioned in Unearthing the Past.

I wonder if Elrond would be too controlled to lead Glorfindel's children into mischief ... ... ... No, of course he wouldn't!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2006
Ah, Glorfindel. What a wonderful addition to the mix. Estel does sound quite star-struck about the twins, but if Glorfindel can order them around, he must be an even higher order being. At least, Estel is seeing someone model obedience to authority, which might come in handy, given the cat situation.

Author Reply: How could Glorfindel keep out of it? I remember once reading somewhere - I have absolutely no idea where - a story where a grandmother impressed her grandchildren immensely by announcing, 'This is the hand that smacked your mother'. Elladan and Elrohir can do anything and yet, when Glorfindel speaks to them in a certain tone of voice, they obey him without question. Power enough to impress an observant child! And actually, they obey Elrond, too. It's just less dramatic.

I think Gilraen will win on the cat quite easily. This time. Estel really is too young to look after it properly - and the twins will see that he spends plenty of time in the stables until the kittens become independent.

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