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Brotherhood  by Bodkin 17 Review(s)
Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
I'm enjoying these short episodes so much. In this one I liked Gilraen's uncertainty about which twin she was talking to - and her reluctance in asking. Yes, it must be irritating for them (but I was told by an identical twin I once worked with that they answered to each other's names to save trouble!)

I also like Gilraen's shock at realising just how ancient the twins are - even though it's half the plot of a challenge story I'm trying to write!!

Author Reply: It's so difficult with identical twins - you can only ask so many times without looking as if you're not trying! I like the thought of them answering politely to either name. Good for Gilraen and not too much of a pain for them!

Gilraen was nervous of the twins at first - seeing them as the ruthless warriors of legend - and she has just begun to get used to them as amiable companions for her son - (and ones who will teach him all sorts of things she might prefer him not to know) - and this has come as a reminder that they are more than that. Interesting plot device! Looking forward to seeing it.

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
This is a lovely story. I just discovered it today and read it in one go. Little Estel is just darling, and I enjoyed reading about both Gilraen's and Elrond's internal dialogues and their doubts about themselves and the situation. The twins are wonderful, and the baking scene especially was very sweet. I'm looking forward to more of this story.

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Estel is young enough that he is just taking this all in his stride, but the more adult inhabitants of Imladris are taking a bit of time to adjust. Elrond will relish the challenges of substitute-fatherhood - and it will do the twins a power of good to have to seek their inner child and nurture Estel. Gilraen - well, it's going to be hard on her, whatever. Because, as I recall, she gave Hope to the Dunedain (and the rest of M-e) and kept none for herself.

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
Eeee so are we going to get the dragon story? We wants it.............

Author Reply: Um ... I don't think the tale of Smudge the Talking Dragon is imminent. Although you never quite know what will announce itself to the brain in the middle of the night.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
'Gilraen finished the tale – the bold Ranger escaped peril and made it home safely to his loved ones – purely for her own satisfaction...'

I loved this line - I myself have 'had' to finish a story after the children have fallen asleep - cause I've got to read the ending. Delightful and brought back such neat memories!

And this line made me cry... ‘Most stories have their roots in the same hopes,’ he said softly. ‘That the heroes win through and everyone lives happily ever after.’

I am still looking for that hope - hope you have much hope yourself. And thank you for writing this - it is poignant and very nice!

Author Reply: Telling tales is a very ... rhythmic thing. You have to complete the story! And then, I suspect Gilraen took great pleasure in watching the innocent sleeping face of her son - and having him to herself while she could.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked this. I do think that the great tales are stories of hope.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
It's very hard to imagine knowing people who knew people who are distant history for you. That kind of longevity must change one's perspective on almost everything.

Author Reply: I wonder if distant history is easier to deal with than recent... Overcoming the general weirdness of it might be easier for something that seems like a story anyway - while realising that your substitute family knew your great-grandparents as children might feel more peculiar.

Being old enough to have seen mountain ranges wear down must make human-scale events seem very transient - it's a wonder, really, that the elves and men were able to communicate on any meaningful level.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
Bodkin, you're outdoing yourself with all these updates in so short a time! I'm impressed! *bows*

It is not always easy to live as a mortal among elves. I suppose you can know deep down that they are thousands of years old and have known your great-great-great...-grandparents, but they appear so young that you tend to forget it, and then happens something to remind you of their true age. It must be unsettling for Gilraen. But she copes admirably with it, and if she is using it to learn more about the history of her people first-hand, it may work out well for her. At least I think it could be interesting, too, to know someone who lived through the old tales, as soon as Gilraen has gotten used to it and feels more comfortable with the whole thing.

Merry Christmas to you and happy holidays!

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm afraid catering duties interrupted the flow - but now people have come and gone or are spending half the morning asleep, I'm getting computer time again!

It must be very disconcerting for Gilraen at times. In some ways, perhaps it's easier to have the elves talk of people they knew from ancient history than to realise that they knew her own great-grandparents. Or to hear them talk of distant places rather than history in places she knows. And I think they would be careful around her most of the time. They want her to feel comfortable in their company. But adjusting to their age and experience is part of learning to live in Imladris - and part of what will make it very hard for her ever to leave and become an ordinary mortal again.

And a Happy New Year to you!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/23/2006
I, too, want to hear the story of the dragon who couldn't breathe fire! *smiles winsomely*. Pretty please!

Author Reply: I'd rather like to hear it too! Perhaps Elladan will indulge us both ... It is Christmas!

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