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Brotherhood  by Bodkin 14 Review(s)
Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
Both delightful and thought provoking.I especially liked the glimpses of Aragorn's future greatness.

Author Reply: Thank you! Aragorn definitely had talent - and Imladris was probably a brilliant place to nurture it. I'm sure he and the twins had a tremendous day playing - and learning - in the woods. And I suspect the twins relearned how to let go what they couldn't change and enjoy the moment, while Estel learned some interesting tips on trailing elves through the trees.

wimseyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
Inner elfling, priceless!

Author Reply: The twins can only benefit from seeking their inner elfling! (Whether Elrond will be so sure it's a good thing ...)

Thank you!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
As always, I love the way you write the banter between the twins. They're together, but different, and I like the way Elladan analyses Estel's play. The child is a natural strategist!

Loved Elrohir's parting words: ‘while Elladan teaches you everything he knows about tracking.’ He raised an eyebrow at Elladan as Estel scooped his toys into his kilted-up tunic and headed hastily for the house. ‘Which should not take long,’ he murmured provocatively and ducked expertly to avoid his brother’s retaliation.


Author Reply: The twins just have to torment each other! It's a way of challenging the general tragedy of life! Elladan is intrigued by Estel's natural instincts - while Elrohir would rather, I think, maintain his innocence and keep him a child as long as possible.

Laughter - is a way of confronting sorrow. Take Spike Milligan's take on WW2 ... The twins need to seem light-hearted - but I reckon it takes several centuries in the Blessed Realm before they release the tension that keeps them quite so apparently frivolous.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
Nice picture of the way time flows with different speeds for elves and men. But I'll be elven parents too mourn the brevity of their sons' childhoods in this dangerous time.

It's interesting that Estel already thinks strategicially. Is that innate or has he learned it somewhere?

Author Reply: I think Estel's instincts lead him to have a natural strategic skill. Although I wouldn't want to trust it - not with him at this tender age. But it's intriguing Elladan. Elrohir, I think, would like to maintain his little brother's childhood innocence rather longer.

And all parents mourn the brevity of childhood. (Although many may well eagerly egg on the end of adolescence.) Especially for sons - when approaching adulthood means sending treasured children to face orcs and worse.

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