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Brotherhood  by Bodkin 19 Review(s)
InarielReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/19/2007
I read this on a bus, on my way to my office. I had noticed I was crying only when I began to get solicitous inquiries of my condition and offers of help from my fellow travelers... I was so deeply immersed in your piece, I had lost the sense of reality. If I knew of a more suitable way of saying "thank you", I would employ it.

Author Reply: Oh dear! I'm glad to know that I moved you to tears - I think! There is such sadness in the end of Aragorn's life and the partings all endured - but there is hope, too, I like to believe. Thank you, Inariel.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/18/2007
As I started to read - I had to control myself from commenting on each and every line - this was superb! Beyond belief! Excellent! Oh my!!!

I find that now I tend to keep my distance from those whom I would once have chosen as friends - heart-rending statement!!!

are meant to care for others we meet along our path through life, even if we touch each other but briefly - good sentiment

Arwen is no cipher to be disposed of by fate - *giggles*

We will be reunited - and that will be a good thing, and a hope to hold onto!

This chapter brought me to serious tears - and I'm at work... Must hide until they pass...... *sobs*

Author Reply: It must have been hard for Aragorn - he lived nearly twice the usual lifespan and outlived all his mortal friends. And it's different losing people in battle, probably - incalculable and a matter of chance ... watching people grow and age and wither - that must have given him an inkling of what elves endured when they interacted with mortals. Elladan and Elrohir must have developed a philosophy of life that made it possible for them to endure it.

Crying at work - never a good idea! Thanks, Agape. Glad to - er - have moved you to tears!

ellieReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/18/2007
beautiful! made me cry at the end.

Author Reply: Result! No, really - I'm sure these characters will be reunited. In time.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/17/2007
Way to make me cry when I'm expecting company at any moment, Bodkin! This was beautiful and touching and sad all at the same time. I'm so glad you posted.

Author Reply: Sorry! I think Aragorn would have come to some understanding of what it meant to be an elf as he aged beyond all his friends and compatriots. I'm sure they will be reunited - in a place where time doesn't exist. Thanks, Gwynhyffar.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/17/2007
Oh, how I love this one, Bodkin.

We know grief because we are born into a world that is imperfect and where death is the constant we all face for both ourselves and those we know and love.

A wonderful chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner. The immortality of elves must have been a very mixed blessing. But I refuse to believe that these people, who loved each other so much, would not be reunited - in a time and place where race and age and time no longer mattered.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/17/2007
Lovely, and sad; wise, and hopeful. Thanks for this today.

Author Reply: Thank you, Lindelea. Glad you liked it.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/17/2007
This is so sad and poignant - but I love the twins' absolute certainty that they will all eventually be reunited, even though that is contrasted with their grief at the thought of Estel's death - and Arwen's.

I really liked Elladan's assessment of their relationship with Gilraen - 'She needed family as much as you did. Brothers to support her sons to scold.' Their dual role was so important.


Author Reply: It must be dreadful to be left behind, again and again and again. Particularly when it involves losing your sister and a man you love as a brother. But they will be together again - somewhere time no longer matters. Thanks, Jay.

ImhirielReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/17/2007
Oh God, Bodkin, you made me cry!

I'm sitting here, typing with blurry vision...

I can't say much more, but it was a poignant, haunting, emotional, simply won-der-ful scene, so full of love and sadness and hope. And I loved the nodding roses.

Author Reply: Um, sorry? Hold on to the hope - I'm sure they will all be together in the end. Somewhere beyond time. Even the roses!

Thanks, Imhiriel.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 12/17/2007
Surely it's right that these people will all be rejoined. Eru wouldn't be so cruel as to keep them apart forever.

A nice moment, Bodkin.

Author Reply: I am counting on a final reunion. Anything else would, indeed, be cruel. Thanks, daw.

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