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Youngest Son  by Bodkin 16 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2007
Well, the wart managed to bring about the communication so desired by his sister and Finarfin; and I'm so glad he managed to have those ellin to tell her how desirable she was, and she those needed to hear them all.

Author Reply: Little brothers! They know what they're doing when they torment their older siblings! But Salmar's unfortunate accident has had a good result, so I daresay both Finarfin and Earwen will tolerate his cheek. (I just hope Finarfin takes the advice about the garlic mussels...)

EllieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2007
This is so wonderfuL! Thank you so very very very much! This is the first story someone has written for me a birthday gift. *squee*

I love this story. Finarfin is so cute and sweet in his nervousness and I loved the comment that he was more muscular that he looked. Earwen is so coniving and her daughter. Oh... this is so great! I love it ! Thank you so very very much!

Big hugs to you for making my birthday so special!

Author Reply: I hope you had a good birthday, Ellie.

It was lovely to think of Finarfin and Earwen when they were young and the cares that weighed on them later had not yet made themselves felt. Earwen was happy to take advantage of the opportunity that emerged - and I suspect she knew that she didn't need to chase Finarfin! - while he will, I daresay, always have a special affection for poor Salmar.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2007
Lovely moment for the two lovers, yet fraught with intimations of things to come.

Author Reply: Foresight must be such a double-edged sword! One that is generally more a blight than an advantage. Earwen and Finarfin will have many happy years - but tragedy is still implicit in their relationship. And endurance and living with decisions and actions that will have an immense ripple effect on the whole of Arda.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2007
What a lovely story to wake up to - and Happy Birthday, Ellie! May golden elves inspire your dreams and keep you company when you write!

I like that Finarfin turned out to be so much more than Earwen expected. And the little brother is adorable in his role as official pain in the rear, for he did serve a good purpose.

Author Reply: Thank you, Nilmandra. Finarfin is a very interesting elf - in many ways, I think he showed more character and courage than many of those who carried on to cross the Helcaraxe. It is not easy to admit you're wrong and ask forgiveness. (I see him as being even more haunted than the others by Alqualonde. These weren't just elves to him - they were family.)

And little brothers know it is their duty to drive their big sisters wild and cause them embarrassment in front of their suitors. But his accident did bring about the result Earwen wanted - so I daresay she will forgive him!

HalethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2007
Finarfin wasn't always a wise and experienced king. It's good to see him when he was still young and a little awkward and too shy to talk to Earwen. Earwen is perfectly aware of his interest in her (I wonder how often he goes down to the beach to watch her?) and is equally she, although she hides it better than him. It's wonderful the way she pulls him into her family at the end of the story. Finarfin's premonition gives just the hint of future sorrows to keep the story balanced. Well done!

Author Reply: It must have been quite difficult for Finarfin to learn to assert himself, in some ways. Earwen - and the greater freedom of being among the Teleri - would probably have helped him outgrow the diffidence of being his father's youngest and the insecurity that might well have come along with being younger brother to two rather aggressive and contentious elves.

Earwen took the opportunity offered! And so did Finarfin, in the end. (And I daresay Olwe and Mrs Olwe are delighted! He will make a good husband for their daughter.)

And the premonition of things to come just insisted on presenting itself there - along with the conviction that poor Salmar didn't survive the Kinslaying, and that it was Finarfin who bore his body back to his mother.

Thank you, Haleth.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2007
What a charming little story. There's something very old-movie-ish about it that comes, I think, from the gradual revelation that everyone knows about Finarfin and Eärwen's feelings towards one another, and that they all approve. One might even think that Salmar sklonked his head on purpose to bring them together. While I enjoyed Finarfin's thoughts on intimidating brothers (or brothers who try to intimidate, anyway) this line won the day:

‘I am not,’ Eärwen retaliated. ‘If he cannot summon the courage to speak to me, he is clearly not worth my attention.’

Author Reply: I don't think Salmar is quite that noble! Or, come to that, that Earwen is designing enough to get herself soaking wet just to entice Finarfin into speaking ... But, really, the two of them are just right for each other - in more ways than the obvious!

Anyone who grew up with Feanor and Finarfin as older brothers must be able to deal with almost any conflict between alpha males - and learn to be wary! But Earwen is a king's offspring, too - and expects those courting her to do just that. And she'll give him every opportunity to do so!

Thank you, FP.

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