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Growing Up Tales  by Baggins Babe 66 Review(s)
harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/5/2007
Merry touched his cheek and lolled against the tree, his face smothered in the most idiotic smile.

Well that makes two of us then! Ah! Young love is such a sweet thing!

Author Reply: Well, yes, and of course Merry is gentle and unassuming, which is what Persimmon needs. The other lads treat her like a wild pony in need of breaking, and that does not go down well!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/5/2007
*giggles* The lads want to ‚tame’ Persimmon? Remembering the little one during Sam’s fiftieth birthday and seeing her now, I suppose these lads would get a nasty surprise. Merry-lad, on the other hand, is another matter altogether. He’s truly smitten, that much is obvious. It’s easy to see where this will lead. Why do I have the feeling it is Persimmon who will run a stall with their products eventually? ;-)

Some hobbit lads are training as rangers? Somehow I suspect a certain Steward’s brother will be gladly volunteer for the task of teaching them, as long as they do the cooking *grin* Anyway, good idea. It doesn’t hurt if they learn more about tracking and swordfighting and the like.

Look forward to more of this!

Author Reply: I think some of the lads might have a nasty shock if they try taming Persimmon!
And rude comments about her choice of future husband would be very unwise......
Well, in 'A New Road' I did mention that Merry married Persimmon and then i wondered how that came about.

This is not a continuous tale but a series of glimpses of the Gamgee children and their friends as they grow up. Felt sure that after that journey to Gondor with the Rangers that Freddy would be determined to join. And yes, I'm sure the Rangers will all be delighted to train them, in return for hobbit cooking!

Glad you enjoyed.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/4/2007
This is going to be fun! I remember sassy little Persimmon--so she gave up on Estel, did she?

I love the way we fanfic writers seem determined to marry Sam's kids off into the gentry. Your Merry has fallen for another Took, *my* Merry ends up with a Brandybuck, Elanor Winterflower's Tolman ends up with a Brandybuck. Poor Sam! He never would have realized just how "gentrified" he was going to end up! And of course Frodo and Rose will make him see how silly his objections are! I'm just so pleased that your Frodo is still around to see all of his "neices" and "nephews" married off!!

Author Reply: 'Sassy little Persimmon' - what a great description of this spirited hobbit maid. I think she's realised that Estel is spoken for!

I think the canon marriage of Faramir Took and Goldilocks Gamgee has inspired us all - Sam's children would have mixed with Merry and Pip's offspring and I suspect that romance would have followed naturally. Besides, it's such fun to imagine these links being formed! :-))

And as you say, Frodo is around to see it and rejoice.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/4/2007
Ah--the start of a wonderful relationship, I see. And so our lads' lads have become Rangers? Aha! Perfect! Hobbits amongst the Dunedain! Heh!

And love the evaluation of how the growing relationship between Faramir Took and Goldilocks Gamgee-Gardner is likely to go. Yes, that's our Sam, all the way.

Author Reply: Yes, hobbit Rangers - and why not!? Spending time with the Dunedain on the way to Gondor has had a profound influence on Freddy and Torni.

You just know Sam will quote his old Gaffer and say a gardener should not be above his station, and it isn't proper, and Rose will apply the tea towel!

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/3/2007
Now who's being the soppy one? :oD This was wonderful BB. Although, I thought Persimmon had her heart set on her "Uncle Estel"? ;o) Very nice little tale.

I did get your e-mail, but you know how things go. Been busy *and* also have been really sick again the last few weeks. Woke up today and couldn't believe how good I felt again. Anyway...This was wonderful and I keep looking for updates to your other Reunion Universe story. When will there be an update to that one? Eager readers are wondering!! :oD

Author Reply: I suspect even Persimmon, tenacious Took as she is, realises that Estel is spoken for!

Glad you're feeling better. Another chapter of the Birthday story will be along shortly.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/3/2007
When she smiled she could have stopped traffic in the White City and distracted any male hobbit between twenty and a hundred on his way to second breakfast. Merry gulped.

This is so adorable! I love how the fact that Merry, such a level-headed, sensible young hobbit, is exactly what this lovely lass has apparently been looking for without even knowing it.

Author Reply: You are so right - it is Merry's common-sense, gentle nature and his ability to treat Persimmon as an equal which has attracted her. Sardo and the others won't be pleased, but I'm sure she'll put them in their place!

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